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Diverse Discounts

No description

Anthony Dang

on 9 February 2015

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Transcript of Diverse Discounts

Products and Prices
Diverse Discounts
By: Drew, Elijah and Anthony
What is Diverse Discounts?
Diverse Discounts sells many different products including electronics, clothes and home goods.
Customer Profiles
Our general customers likes outdoors, swimming, games, electronics, traveling, clothes, shoes, food and recreational products.
Typically we try to brand ourselves as a local retail store operating mobile vehicles and online.

Our Products varies from typical electronics, our line of clothes as well as other line of clothes. Overall we sell most things found in retail stores.
Place to sell and promotional
We want to ideally want to prioritize our operation in the city of Miami. This allows us to strategically appeal to our set target audience. We do 20% discounts on our brand products.
Goals, Strategies, and Tactics
: Increase sales and create brand awareness.

: Create promotions and get the word out on our store.

: Billboards and online promotions to appeal to consumer.
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