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Comenius Project S4T - intro to final

Summary of the 4 preceding project weeks at final performance, 21 March 2013

Peter Ringeisen

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Comenius Project S4T - intro to final

Moderne Fremdsprachen am DJDG -
Anwendung außerhalb des Unterrichts: Our multilateral Comenius project Topics of theatre project "Spotlights for Tolerance" S4T
Spotlights for
Tolerance Dr.-Johanna-Decker-Schulen: Luftbild (DJD picture pool)

Partners (coloured figures), CC BY-NC (Chinese name)

Languages (clipart), CC BY-NC-SA Markus Koljonen alias zinjixmaggir

Students at computer (clipart), Office clipart library

Hands and map of the world, © European Union, 2011 (used by permission)

"Tolerance" billboard: using the "rounded billboard" template at photofunia.com

Clipart Europa Umrisse, Francesco Rollandin, Public Domain license

All other pictures: DJDG Comenius Team, Amberg Picture credits "Spotlights For Tolerance" (S4T)
A Drama Project of Five Countries
in the Comenius Programme
(Lifelong Learning Programme/EU)

Project Partners:
Katolickie Gimnazjum im. R. Traugutta, Chojnice, Poland
Salihli Lisesi, Salihli/Manisa, Turkey
I.I.S.S. “Don Michele Arena”, Sciacca (AG), Italy
Colegiul Naţional “Gheorghe Lazăr”, Sibiu, Romania
Dr.-Johanna-Decker-Gymnasium, Amberg, Germany

Project Coordinator:
DJDG (Germany) Funding of the project:
European Commission Goals of the Lifelong Learning Programme:

help young people and educational staff better understand the range of European cultures, languages and values

help young people acquire the basic life skills and competences necessary for personal development, future employment and active citizenship Enhance and increase partnerships between schools in different
EU Member States, with at least
3 million pupils taking part in
joint educational activities by 2010 Encourage language learning Encourage the production of innovative ICT-based content and intelligent use of ICT services Tolerance: Acceptance and appreciation of differences
Prejudice: oversimplification, often caused by ignorance - keeping you from seeing reality Spotlights for Tolerance:
2 scenes per school,
stage performances Sounds of Tolerance:
inclusion of native languages Documents of Tolerance:
weblog, brochure,
script of drama scenes Pictures of Tolerance:
DVD of final performance Our products CHOJNICE, POLAND SALIHLI, TURKEY SIBIU, ROMANIA SCIACCA, ITALY AMBERG, GERMANY Dr.-Johanna-Decker-Gymnasium Amberg
der Schulstiftung der Diözese Regensburg "Comenius" is a sub-programme of the European Commission's "Lifelong Learning Programme" http://comeniuss4t.blogspot.com Project blog: We are in European Shared Treasure (EST):
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