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Masque of The Red Death

No description

Miss M.

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Masque of The Red Death

"The Masque of The Red Death" is an allegory, and therefore has an underlying message for the audience to determine. In a four paragraph response, argue what the lesson - or theme - of "The Masque of The Red Death" is and give two reasons why. Address the opposing viewpoint and rebut it with a counter argument. Use at least two symbols to defend your argument.
In-Class Essay: MOTRD
As you watch the video, record notes in the following graphic organizer.
Video Organizer: MOTRD
Let's say I have viewed videos and read articles about current music trends. I want to craft an argumentative essay about it. This is how I would address the necessary components of the essay.
Teacher Example:
This quarter, we will be focusing on argumentative writing. We will be using this writing style in tandem with the texts we read.

We write argumentative essays to argue a point about an issue. Your essay will be supported with evidence, and even bring up what others would say in critique of your point.

But first, you need to know the components of an argumentative essay.

Claim: Your argument/opinion/point on a subject (with the three reasons why).
Textual Evidence: Evidence from text to support your claim.
Opposing Viewpoint: What another party would claim if they disagreed with you. Oppos- as in opposite.
Counter Argument: How you strike down the opposing viewpoint, proving your point.
Writing Style: Argumentative
While we read, we will be answering questions on a Dialectical Journal.

Poe's writing is dense; if you aren't paying attention, you just may miss something. Because of this, we will also be keeping track of the more difficult words in the text with our Dialectical Journals.

There will also be a group project and an in-class essay based on this short story.
Our Role During The Reading:
Edgar Allen Poe led a somewhat tragic life. His family was disbanded at a young age and he went to live with the Allen family. He began publishing poetry and short stories, but was never well-paid for any of his work.

He struggled with alcoholism throughout his life. Paired with his lack of family and the untimely death of his wife, he sank deeper and deeper into his depression.

Poe frequently wrote about loss, longing, beauty, tragic romance, and human nature. He became one of the most famous and influential American writers of all time.

His works written in the Gothic romantic style of writing, inspired the genres of mystery and science fiction.
The Masque of The Red Death

The short story "The Masque of The Red Death" is what is known as an allegory. Many, many works of art are allegorical.

Allegory: A story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning, typically a moral or political one.

Popular Allegories in Books: Alice in Wonderland, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter (series).

Popular Allegories in Film: Fight Club, The Matrix, The Wizard of Oz, X-Men, District 9.
The Masque of The Red Death:
Remember this image? When you analyzed this painting, you commented on what you saw, and what those things might mean.

You were looking at symbolism.

Symbolism: The use of symbols to represent ideas or qualities.

There will be many examples of symbolism in this short story, and - in groups - we will be looking at them.
Response Prompt:
by Edgar Allen Poe
About The Author:
Opposing Viewpoint:
Counter Argument:
1. Statistics about sound engineering and it's use since 2000.
2. Quotation from article about auto-tune.
3. Information about pop songs and the writers behind them.
Others are of the opinion that current technology has created seemingly flawless dance music - clear of vocal mess-ups, and it has been beneficial to artists and the industry.
However, the use of technology has created a fan base that does not recognize the true vocals of an artist. Many artists (Katy Perry most recently) have been called out for 'lip-synching' to their auto-tuned vocals. When they actually sing, audiences get upset because the singer sounds 'horrible live'.
What you see in the film (cuts, lighting, scenery,
costume, props, etc.)
Is it the same/different from what you
imagined? Why/how?
If you were a director, how would you depict a scene from "The Masque of The Red Death"? Use the information from the story and what you recorded in your graphic organizer to inspire your vision.

In your response, you must choose a specific scene, and write about:

Characters: Prospero/Masked Visitor/Partygoers/Peasants. What would they look like? Act like? Be wearing?
Set Design and Props: What would the set look like?
Actions/Blocking: How would you have people stand? Move? React to one another? Explain how you would have the characters move.
Camera Work: How would you capture this scene on film? Close ups on the face? Long shots down a hallway?
[For every choice you make, you need to explain WHY]

Body Paragraph:

O.V. and C.A.:

Introduces short story, gives quick summary. Claim is the last sentence.
"In my opinion, the theme is _____________ because ______ and _________."
First reason why it is the lesson (how it is shown).
Second reason why it is the lesson (how it is shown).
Address what a different view may be. "Others may think that the theme is __."

Rebut with a C.A. (proving your point). "However, this is wrong because _____________."
Restate thesis (claim) and key points. Explain why this lesson is important.
"Setting" the Stage:
We are about to watch a clip from an animated version of "The Masque of The Red Death." This clip has no dialogue, so you will need to interpret the visual aspects of the clip.

In your notes, as you watch, write down what you see in the video. Comment on the scenery, objects, characters, etc.
The overuse of technology in today's music industry is ruining the creation and distribution of music due to heavily-produced beats, the prevalence of auto-tune, and the fact that most artists don't write their own music anymore.
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