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Great White Sharks. Not Man Eaters.

This Prezi will tell of how great white sharks are just creatures who are simply part of a food chain, and they do not want to eat people.

Max Holter

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Great White Sharks. Not Man Eaters.

Great White Sharks Common Assumptions
1. They always eat people for no reason.
2. They come into the beach in search of food. Facts
1. Humans actually kill more sharks than sharks kill people.
2. Great white sharks are on their way to becoming an endangered species. Predatory Behavior
1. A study was preformed at the South Farallon Islands showed that the sharks moved away from the beach with each attack because the seals were moving away from the beach.
Sharks most commonly take a “test bite,” one time a shark attacked a brown pelican and while it lay in the water completely vulnerable the shark did not return to eat the pelican. This explains why humans are not commonly eaten whole by a great white. Sharks are very opportunistic predators. They don’t go out with the intent to create mass murder, they wait until the time is right. Sharks will bite their pray and then pull it under the water to see if they are the prey the shark desires to eat. One attack on a human occurred and the shark bit the man on the leg and pulled him under the water. When he was under the water the man was suddenly released. This shows that sharks will spit out food they don’t want. Sharks killing people
1. On average bee stings kill more people per year than shark attacks do.
2. When sharks do attack it is most commonly far off shore 200 meters or so.
Becoming Threatened Species
1. Great whites’ population is on a decline, and they can’t quite figure out how often they reproduce.
2. Scientists are not sure, but they think that sharks reproduce about every three years. Out of the 130 species of sharks, there is the least research done of the great white because they have not been able to keep a great white in captivity for an extended period of time. Great whites need very specific living conditions and scientists have not yet been able to replicate those living conditions at an aquarium. How They Hunt
Sharks have a very keen sense of sight, and they can sense magnetic feilds from a far distance off. A Max Holter Presentation Click to start music
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