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Student Exchange Programs at Université de Montréal

Essential steps for a student exchange at UdeM - Submit an application

Daphne Levasseur

on 20 January 2017

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Transcript of Student Exchange Programs at Université de Montréal

Section 1 : Before submitting
an application

Contact your International Relations Office
Student Exchange Programs
Guide for incoming students - Part 1
Preparing an application

Learn more about UdeM
Academic Calendar
Academic Structure
Privileges and obligations of participants
Semester 1 (Fall): September to December
Semester 2 (Winter): January to April
Semester 3 (Summer): May to June (variable)
Québec’s higher education system has three types of degrees:
a three-year Undergraduate degree (Bachelor);
a two-year Graduate degree (Master);
a Doctoral degree, normally a minimum of four years (PhD).
Is there an agreement between your institution and UdeM?
Are you respecting the deadlines for submitting an application?
Make sure your university has one of the following agreements with UdeM:
NSE (National Student Exchange)
For the Fall semester and full academic year (Fall and Winter) applications:
March 10 - A nomination email must be sent by partner universities
April 1 - Deadline to receive the application

For the Winter semester:
April 1 to September 15 - Deadline to receive the application

All applications received after these deadlines will be rejected.
Section 2: Prepare your application
Assembling the required documents
Indicate the selected program
You must choose only ONE PROGRAM
Indicate your level of study
If you are an undergraduate student, it is not possible to take any courses at the graduate level.
If you are a graduate student, you can choose only ONE undergraduate level course per semester (3 credits max).
Selecting your courses:
The study plan must be signed by both the student AND the Academic Advisor at the home University.
It is important to follow the set credit limits, considering:
1. Online application form (Exchange program)
2. Study plan
3. A letter of intent in FRENCH
4. Academic transcripts
5. The list of courses to which you are currently registered with a short description (maximum of 2 pages)
6. French language proficiency certificate
7. Letter of recommendation
8. Official identification document
9. Portfolio
Mandatory for all students from a non-francophone university.

This certificate can be delivered by the language department of the home institution, the Alliance française or a language school.

Note that the minimal level normally accepted is intermediate or high-intermediate, depending on the program (B2 level strongly recommended).
French literature and Kinesiology programs require, respectively, a C2 and C1 level. For these programs, the DELF test is strongly recommended.
Students must include
all the courses taken to date
as well as the marks obtained during the last study year.

If the transcript is in another language, a translation in FRENCH or ENGLISH is mandatory:
A "homemade" translation will be accepted only if it bears the official University seal.

Students must include a grade chart (equivalencies).
Mandatory for all students applying to an architecture or design program.
A copy of a single official document listing the name of the student as well as the names of the parents (e.g. birth certificate or family record book).
Sending your application
Your International Office must send us the original hard copy of your application by mail to the following address:

By express mail (DHL, FEDEX...) - strongly recommended :
Office of International Affairs, Université de Montréal
3744, Jean-Brillant ave., suite 581
Montréal (QC) H3T 1P1, CANADA

By mail (regular postal services):
Université de Montréal
Pavillon 3744, Jean-Brillant ave., Office of International Affairs
PO Box 6128, Station Centre-Ville,
Montréal (QC) H3C 3J7, CANADA

Make sure that your original application reaches us before our deadlines:

For the Fall semester and the full academic year (Fall and Winter) applications:
April 1

For the Winter semester:
April 1 to September 15

All applications received after these deadlines will be rejected.
The selected courses must be part of only ONE program
You can choose ONE language class (3 credits) per semester. Please note that $75 course material fees are required.
Make sure that the selected courses are available for the semester requested.
To participate in an exchange program, you must:
Have completed the equivalent of at least one year of full-time studies in the program in which you are registered at your home institution and remain enrolled in this program during your stay at Université de Montréal;
Have a very good academic record;
Have an intermediate or high-intermediate knowledge of French;
Get your University's approval for the study plan you intend to pursue at UdeM;
Meet the specific requirements imposed by the academic unit at which you wish to apply.
You wish to apply for a research exchange?
Please read the specific procedures related to these research stays
Unless otherwise noted, all "research" or "internship" type courses are not available to students admitted to an exchange program. These courses are reserved to students specifically admitted for a research stay (or internship).
The following documents are required:
(As with our regular exchange programs, original documents must be sent to us by mail.)
Please send us an invitation letter by email (according to the email addresses) from your research supervisor, a professor/researcher from Université de Montréal must first agree to supervise your research. The letter must specify the exact dates of your research exchange as well as the codes of the research credits to which you will be registered with a fulltime status (12 credits minimum for undergraduate students and 6 credits minimum for graduate students). Registration to these credits does not entail any attendance to courses.
Submit our online application (this link will be sent to you once we receive your letter of invitation).
Note that in the case of research exchanges, the French language proficiency certificate is mandatory only if the student wishes to also register for courses.
Enter the abbreviation corresponding to the selected course:
- Undergraduate level courses begin with 1-2-3 or 4: a minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 15 credits per semester are required
- Graduate courses begin with a 6 or 7: a minimum of 6 credits and a maximum of 9 credits per semester are required
Select a study program from the drop-down menu
Warning! You must choose only ONE PROGRAM.
Before selecting a program, please read the
list of programs with particularities
thoroughly and make sure you meet the requirements:
Complete all required fields on the screen and submit it.
Candidates accepted into an exchange program must:
be registered as full-time students at their home institution and pay their home tuition fees;
be registered at UdeM, where they undertake to study full-time for at least one semester, but not more than one academic year, in a program of studies approved by their home university;
Pay the mandatory administration and health insurance fees as well as fees related to housing and transportation
Obtain the required immigration authorizations (visas).
Exchange students also receive a student card. This card comes with many advantages, such as :
Access to all UdeM libraries and the authorization to borrow materials and documents;
Access to the CEPSUM sports center;
Discounts on printing and photocopying documents;
Discounts offered to the university community.
Good luck!
Please refer to part 2 of our Guide for Incoming Students for more details on the procedures once your application has been submitted.
Now you're ready to prepare your application!
Select your level of study
Your application must contain all of the following documents in the order below :

The letter of invitation from your research supervisor at Université de Montréal;
A letter of intent with the academic objectives that you wish to achieve;
A copy of your official academic transcripts, which must include all the courses taken to date as well as your most recent grades;
A copy of a single document listing your name and your parents’ names
(e.g. birth certificate or family record book).
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