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The Great Depression

No description

Elizabeth Frazier

on 26 September 2017

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Transcript of The Great Depression

The Great Depression
Imagine trusting that all your money is safe in your account at the bank and then learning that it is all gone!
Although the Great Depression was a horrible time for the United States, some good things did happen because of it.
After the 1929 crash the stock market had fewer highs and lows (Dunn).

Traders were much more conservative with their money after the crash of 1929 (Dunn).
The crash left the United States with fewer traders and those who still were trading were smarter ("The Stock Market").
The Stock Market became more stable
Hard work became admired

Some people may say that The Great Depression was horrible and nothing good came from this time period.
Here's what it was like to live during The Great Depression
Susie Student
9th hour

Men wanted jobs and when they got them, they worked hard. Crews were made that fixed roads and built bridges. This was when the interstate highways began (Matthews).
Many government plans were born
Some info from a note card about a government program. Include a citation ("If the source is in quotation marks, the citation is in quotation marks).
People were more conservative with their money (Richardson).
Final Plea
Works Cited
You only list the sources you USED in the presentation. MUST be in MLA format (with hanging indent).
Some other info about another government plan. It should end with a citation and the period ALWAYS come after the citation (Author last name here).
More info from note cards about government plans that were developed during The Great Depression (citation).
More info from note cards about hard work. Include a citation (citation).
A third bit of stuff from note cards about hard work...include citation (citation MUST match works cited).
The Great Depression went on for many years and changed an entire generation (Jones and Walters).
Thousands of people died of starvation right here at home (Smith).
With fewer fluctuations, the market became more stable and people could trust it.
People became better traders. They became more informed and didn't just "guess" at market trends.
Since there was less money going around, people were careful how they spent their money. This made all financial institutions, like The Stock Market, more stable.
Down here would be a warrant explaining how the info from the note cards proves your claim
Here would be a photo
Photo here
There should be a warrant that explains the evidence and why it proves the claim.
Photo goes here
Warrant that explains evidence goes here.
The warrant explains the evidence from the source and shows how it proves your point.
Every slide (except your works cited) needs some sort of photo/picture.
Warrant should be here. It needs to be a sentence or two that explains the evidence.
This could be a really awesome photo
Warrant here
This was devastating for multiple generation.
We are American. We are used to hard times. We pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and keep going. The Great Depression taught us that skill. That determination is what makes us a great country.
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Rebuttal: The Great Depression was devastating, but many good things happened.
Had it not been for the
Great Depression, the USA would not have had the desire to rise up and fight in WWII (Johnston).
Warrant Here aldj lj;l ld jl;j ;ljl; kj;ljk dl;jk l;jk l;djk l; iejpoji oji po oj oj ooijoi jpoejio oino ji
More rebuttal evidence, warrant and photo
Works Cited
Photo here
Photo here
Photo Here
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