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ariadna quintero

on 17 April 2015

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Transcript of NASA

Is NASA a government agency?
NASA's purpose was to launch a satellite in to space to orbit around the world.
What Is The Purpose Of NASA?
What was the first shuttle ever launched ?
*The first shuttle ever launched by NASA was the space transportation system (STS).
*It began it's flight career with Columbia roaring off the Launch Pad 394 at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida on April 12,1981.
*Each space shuttle is named after influential ships of science and explorations.
In 1957, the U.S attempted to launch the satellite, it only got a few feet off the ground and blew up.
A month later , the satellite managed to complete its orbit around the world.
In 1958, Congress passed legislation establishing NASA as the body of the U.S space program.
Should We Trust NASA ?
Who were the first
astronauts to work in NASA?
NASA has been around for nearly 52 years and we still don't know if we should trust NASA.
According to Wikipedia, one of the most tragic accidents associated with the space program was the explosion of the space shuttle, "Challenger".
It exploded 73 seconds into flight killing all 7 people that were on board.
What has NASA discovered ?
NASA discovered an underground ocean on Jupiter's largest moon .
*NASA announced that there is evidence that Jupiter's largest moon has saltwater ocean under its icy surface.
*The ocean seems to have more water than all the water on Earth's surface according to ''New Hubble Observations''
What are other discoveries that NASA has made?
NASA discovered the first same-sized planet that could host alien life.
*The host star hasn't been named but was identified as an M1 dwarf.
*This planet is believed to be 1.1 times the size of Earth's.
*Until now the most Earth-like planet was Kepler-62f-1.4 times the size.
*They selected seven people known as "Mercury Seven".
*These seven astronauts were named Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra, Gordon Cooper.
by: Alejandro Gonzalez, Jesse Valencia, Ariadna Quintero, Melanie Sedano
Mars 1
*NASA is looking towards to sending a group of four people to Mars in mid 2025-2030
*The point of the trip is to make life in Mars.
*The bad thing about the trip is that the people who go will die about sixty-eight days after they get to Mars.
*They also need enough food to last up to nine months.
*The four people who are going to mars might not come back to Earth

What are some disadvantages of having NASA?
*The major disadvantages of having NASA is the cost.
*It cost approximately $20,000.00per pound to send materials into space currently.
*Although NASA's goal is to get the cost down to $100.00 per pound, but it is not likely that this will happen anytime soon
*Scheduling also remains a problem,the current shuttle flee flies about 7 missions years compared to a goal of once per week .
What are some discoveries that NASA has made?
NASA has succeed in discovering a lot of cool things such as solar energy, smoke detectors, cordless tools,powdered lubricants, remote control ovens, pollution remediation, improved radial tires, and video enhancing and analysis system.
To add,NASA has also discovered how to make artificial limbs for those who don't have an arm or leg or any missing body part.
NASA has discovered how to make invisible braces for those kids who are being bullied because of their braces.

What are some advantages of having NASA?
*NASA has a positive impact on society
*NASA made water purification technology in rural Mexico
*A neurosurgical medical technology in Canada
*They made a agriculture monitoring in the Northen Great plains in U.S.
*NASA is the United States government agency responsible for the civilian space program as well as the aeronautics and aerospace research.
*The national aeronautics space act was passed on July 29,1958
*The new agency became operational on october 1958
This is the STS shuttle ready to launch
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