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Cloud computing for learning and networking

European educational project, aimed at providing a optimized ICT solution for rural and dispersed schools in Europe

María J. R. Malmierca

on 2 October 2015

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Transcript of Cloud computing for learning and networking

Cloud computing for learning and networking
Project coordinated by

Centro de Supercomputación de Galicia
with support from
With the support of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the Eu
Project partners
VIA University
Devon Council
(United Kingdom)
Macedonian Institute for Integration (FYRM)
Santiago de Compostela Uni
6 countries, 7 partners
Develop a flexible, rich and cost-effective solution based on the shared knowledge from ICT
based solutions and initiatives in rural areas

experiment with cloud based & social tools
in the educational contexts where different levels and ages of students are found.
test meaningful educational possibilities in these new contexts
strengthen the link between
families and school
promote a connected community of practice at European level for teachers in isolated / rural schools
boost students creativity by using a common cloud environment with online tools and resources
Share our findings and materials for other regions
Steps to follow...
analyze our school contexts
propose an ICT adapted solution
propose a common base to work together
test it in at least 2 schools per country
evaluate the results and share them
Cloud computing
Open Source
Community of practice
Mixed ages
More info:
Maria R Malmierca (coordinator)
Teacher training
Galicia Supercomputing Centre (Spain)
Parma Province
With the support of the Comenius Programme of the European Union
Dec 2013
Project starts
March 14
Needs Analysis report
June 14
ICT solution designed
Sept 14
OER integrated
Oct 14-Feb 15
1st Pilots in schools
April 15
Improvement of solution
May-Sept 15
2nd Pilots in schools
+ evaluation, dissemination & exploitation
Nov 15
End of the project
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