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Principles of Sustainable Design & Engineering

No description

Thomas Rettenwender

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of Principles of Sustainable Design & Engineering

Sustainable Design Site & Life Cycle Analysis Your Proposal Construction Course Objectives Renewable Energy Components Decision Making Bio-morphic & Bio-regional Design Process Evolution Project Proposal google 07
life cycle analysis Introductions
Course Overview
learning objectives
eco-mimetic design analysis Design for the human body
Vernacular Examples
Modern Case Studies
The Living Architecture Potential defining your challenge
information design
visualization Thomas W. Rettenwender MA, Mag Arch, LEED AP, Architect google living architecture
presentation of Natural Architecture & Structures
monterey bay ecosystems
scales of Life cycle analysis Levels of Sustainability Design Analysis & Monitoring Speakers Junction, Havanna, Cuba
Beijing Olympic World Park
Solar Arc Dubai
Redwood Gateway Interpretive Center
Wavecrest Ecology Education Center Find Your Mission student questionaires analysis of renewable components
10 solutions presentation
micro grid design challenge project proposal define your passion
mission statement Vernacular Topology Analysis Principles of Creative Analysis Project guidelines 3d modeling
energy modeling
life cycle analysis
closed loop systems
Pricing personal
universal powering the future Design Design for the Environment
Design for Life Cycle poster design mission statement
methods munich '72 olympic stadium
Guenter Behnish, Frei Otto Reading - "natuerluche Konstruktionen", DVA Frei Otto, 1985 Ecomimicry OF growth and Form
D-arcy Wentwoth Thompson text book intro :
Design for the environment, A guide to Sustainable Product Development, Joseph Fiksel
Principles of Green Building Design, Thomas Rettenwender MPC 2009 economic
social assignment economic
social full capacity use
resource optimization Design
Principles Sustainable Design Goals Sustainable Design Careers Capacity Factor Resource Optimization Renewable Energy Renewable Materials Life Cycle Analysis Closed Loop Systems Multi functionality
& Flexibility Biomimicry & Ecomimicry Appreciative Inquiry Purposeful Networks Starts Wed. Jan 23, 2013 at Hartnell College,
Center for Advanced Technology, East Alisal, Salinas, California, USA Design
Analysis Design Process Text book :
Design for Environment,
Joseph Fiksel ? solar PV integration Propeller
Design Energy Design solar water wind bio gas concentrated solar power fresnel lens solar chimney micro hydro medium sized hydro

Drip Irrigation: using less water to achieve same yields by placing it exactly in the plant root zone where needed. Deciding when to turn on the drip irrigation can be assisted by moisture sensors in the soils which report back to a computer. Used to be that irrigation was in furrows on either side of the plant, or from overhead sprinklers (still used in some situations), both much less optimal because lots of water evaporated or sunk into the ground where plant roots were not able to reach it.

engineered wood products: using every bit of the tree to make useful products, eg: laminated products, pressboard products, sawdust products or even making useful products out of waste products, eg: sunflower seed hulls for pressed counter tops etc. HAYWARD LUMBER has a "humdinger" computer-assisted saw which pre-cuts building projects to minimize waste.

transporting freight via train: rather than by truck. More weight moved per unit of energy by far. Best use of fossil fuel.

Zip car: a shared car system which can replace individual ownership of a car

Three shifts in a factory: Using the factory building and facilities around the clock rather than letting things sit idle all evening and night. Or offering a summer quarter at a university, rather than leaving it empty for three months of every year. Or Monterey & Pacific Grove talking about sharing a Fire Department rather than each supporting their own.

Neighborhood Tool Sheds: Instead of each family owning a lawn mower, garden tools etc., a neighborhood can have a common set of tools with a check-out system. FULL CAPACITY USE : making sure a product, system, or labor force are being used to best advantage ... rather than sitting waiting to be used for a high percentage of the time or wasting energy. sharing use, or scheduling use as fully as possible. RESOURCE OPTIMIZATION: using the resources available to best advantage ... beyond efficiency, resource optimization includes decisions about the best and highest use of a resource. What are Renewable sources of Energy ?
Intgration of renewables
Design for Re-use personal
global Define your
Design GOALS Researching Careers
Curriculum Vitae
Cover Letter
contracts rating methods
types of recycled content
reclaimed building materials Inputs & Outputs
LCA Calculator
Eco-LCA Recycling
Reclaimed Materials
Ways to reuse no - waste
Design for deconstruction, decomposition Flexibility of spaces
Many applications of Sustainable Design
Multi Skilled environments
Swiss army knife
Cell Phone Learning from Nature Integral Design
Team Management
Asking What Works ?
Doing the Math Collaboration
Community buy-in &
Social activism Hydroponics & Living Design Bio-morphic
& Bio-regional Design Process Evolution ` Product, Systems and Socio-technincal Design Logarithmic spiral-shaped rotary devices reduce energy requirements from 15 to 30% and noise up to 75% over conventional rotors, and have a wide number of applications across building and other industrial sectors. Examples such as boat motors to pumping water tidal power tank digester Landfill Gas 50% of energy use in Salinas Valley comes from pumping water
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