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Economics at C3

No description

Noah Bartoo

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Economics at C3

GAME My Team My team is all girls because Eddy hasn't shown up yet. We have Salem, Emily, Rocio, and Me PROGRESS My team is doing pretty good right now. We are in 6th place. We were in first but we bought a lot of stocks so we went down. We bought Kellogs, Ambercrombie and Fitch, Noah the company, Einstin Noah resturant, Walmart, The Cheesecake Warehouse. INVESTWRITE This topic is about economics.
We have to learn about it in the
Georgia Standards. We are learning
it by playing the stock market game. We also
have to write an essay about a product you
would choose. Mine is Gatorade and its parent
company is PepsiCo. This would be a good investment
because pepsico is a very good company with lots of good
products. GEORGIA STANDARDS Here are the things that we have to learn.
Trade: the exchange of goods and services for other goods or services. Example, People from Venezula traded oil with americans.
Opportunity Cost: Is when you put time, money, or somthing else to get a better something. Example: People in the revolutrinary War gave up there lives for peoples freedoms.
Specialization: You do one certian thing. Example: in the Assembly line each person had a differnt thing to do and thats all they did.
Price Incentives: A benifit that gets a person to buy. Such as "Buy one get one free." Example: Participating in the Chisholm Cattle Trail to get a better price for cattle.
Voluntary Exchange: You willingly trade. do not do drugs Dont do drugs
do Tacos HELLO Other Stuff Stock Diversafication: This is where most of your stocks are different from each other.

Dividends: This is where the company you own gives everybody who owns it a little birt of money. But not every company has that.

When to buy, hold, or sell: Buy more of your stock when it is doin good. Sell when it's at a high peak. Hold when you think it's goin to do good.

Company: A Buisness formed to manufacture goods or provide services.

How does money grow over time?
If you save $240 in the bank for 6 years, then after that you will have more money because the bank pays you every year. That's called intrest write.

Stock: A ownership share or shares of ownership in a corparation. Functions of 4 Major Sectors Household: consumes goods and services

Buisness: Provides goods and services

Banks: Provides loans, savings and checking accounts.

Government: Takes taxes, Provides services. More Definitoins And Cool Stuff Personal Budget: A way to keep track of how much you
save an spend so you know
how much money you have
Entrepenuers: Somebody who starts there own business.
How consumers and buisness interact: The consumer buys from for the buisness.
How Competition, markets, and prices influence people's behaviors: If you were going to get pizza would you rather get the cheep one or the expensive one? That's what it is.
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