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Residences Facilities 101

Procedures and Policies Update

Tatjana T

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Residences Facilities 101

Residences Facilities & Operations Objective #1 Objective #2 Going Forward Address operational processes So now... Vision 2008 Financial Audit Recommendations Key Objectives To preserve and maximize the life of residence buildings while providing a quality living environment for students. Our Operation 37 buildings (mean age = 95)
Downtown, Macdonald Campus & MFDS = 25% of McGill square footage
3300 student beds
18 maintenance staff
$140 M in deferred maintenance ($40 M planned)
Approx. 12,000 service calls (7600 captured in work orders) in 2012 -> 100% increase in recorded calls since 2011 Our Services Building Operations
Maintenance & Service Calls
Facilities Management and Development 1. Inventory Control
2. Tracking
3. Cost of work 1. Address operational processes

2. Implement a financial and operational plan

3. Implement sustainable solutions Objective #3 Implement sustainable solutions - Students' living environment • Computerized Maintenance Management System • Approval processes:
- Purchase requests
- Standing orders
- Inventory control • Standard Operating Procedures
- Quality control
- Creation -> Closure
- Standardizing what we do Implement a financial and operational plan • Facilities condition
assessment reports • Asset register of
building systems • Deferred
Maintenance • Preventive
Maintenance • Capital Improvement •Tracking energy consumption •Reducing utilities costs •Life-cycle evaluations • Cost Tracking - Savings on painting (e.g. Solin Hall) & plumbing contractor costs

- Reduction of staff overtime - Better idea of the equipment we have & its maintenance requirements (time estimates)

- Increased capacity to prioritize certain deferred items and improvements with better data

-Ability to better forecast, troubleshoot and separate maintenance from improvements costs - Reduced energy consumption following infrastructure investments Progress... Further improvements - Computerized Maintenance
Management System Requirements -Staff capacity to implement our plans and processes, fill roles and responsibilities -Financial means (loan rates, overhead) -Ability to make long-term investments -Implementation of FAMIS • Operating budgets
for buildings - Account codes/data management -Operational processes -Ongoing facilities condition assessments -Further evolution of financial & operational plan -Support & resources for plan development
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