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Interactive Comprehension

Reciprocal Teaching Strategies

Mwenyewe Salahuddin-Dawan

on 17 September 2011

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Transcript of Interactive Comprehension

Reciprocal Teaching Strategies for improving reading comprehension What Does Research Say about Reciprocal Teaching? When reciprocal teaching was used for just 15 days students reading increases from 30- 80% (Palincsar & Brown 1986).

According to a study by Palinscar and Klenk (1991), students not only improved their comprehension skills immediately, but they also maintained improved comprehension skills when tested a year later.

Lubliner (2001) pointed out that reciprocal teaching is an effective teaching technique that can improve the kind of reading comprehension that is necessary not only for improved test scores but also for an "information age."
Reciprocal Teaching is a powerful researched based technique. It is NOT a stand alone methodfor teaching comprehension. The Five Reciprocal Teaching Strategies Predicting
Visualizing Common Problems with Reciprocal Teaching Predicting: Students may not make logical predictions based on clues from the text or their experiences.

Questioning: Students may only generate literal questions and may need modeling toward asking inferential or main idea questions.

Clarifying: Students may initially clarify only difficult , new or confusing words because students rarely recognize they are having trouble with an idea in the text.

Summarizing: Students may miss points or supply a summary that is too long, too short or a word by word rendition.
Best Advice Model the strategies
Be consistent
Use the strategies several times a week
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