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The Wolf of

No description

Maxine Alo

on 3 April 2014

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Transcript of The Wolf of

The Wolf of
Wall Street
The rise and fall of Jordan Belfort and his trials on Wall Street.
The Call:
Home/Ordinary World
: Jordan Belfort, a self proclaimed "money crazed little shit", found his way onto Wall Street and scored a job as a connecter. There he met his mentor, Mark Hanna, who explained to him that being a stock broker involves drugs, sex, and manipulation. With his wife Teresa by his side he decided to gets his broker's license and pursue his dream of becoming a stock broker. Jordan's first day on Wall Street just so happens to land on "Black Monday", October 19th, 1987, and he ends up getting fired.
Call to Adventure:
After Jordan gets fired from his first job, he then comes across "Investors Center" who's now hiring Stock Brokers.

There he is challenged to sell a large share of a company named, "Aerotyne", which he makes out to be a large, prestigious company. When in fact, it is some small garage. He started making big money from penny stocks, 50% commission from any share he sold.
Answering the Call:
The Initiation:
Jordan's new car catches the eye of the curious, Donnie Azoff, who approaches Jordan at a cafe asking how much money he makes a month. When Jordan replies, "well, technically $72,000 a month," Donnie says if he has proof he will quit his job right then and work for him.
Him and Donnie get to talking, smoke crack together, and begin to look into starting their own business. Jordan decides to hire a few of the best business men he knows. With Donnie by his side, he believes he's going to start a successful brokerage.
Ex-wife, Teresa Petrillo, helped Jordan by finding the ad in the paper for "Investors Center" and for giving him ideas on who to sell stocks to. Without her, he wouldn't have accepted the call to adventure and start his own business.
Mark Hanna, senior broker at Jordan's first job, took Jordan under his wing and informed him that this job could not be done without doing drugs and without lying to the clients.
Crossing the Threshold
: Jordan taught his colleagues to sound like educated stock brokers, cleaned up his brokerage and starting selling blue chips and penny stocks to the 1% of Americans that are filthy rich.
Naomi Lapalgia, "Dutchess of Bay Ridge", is Jordan's mistress, until Teresa catches them both in a limo and divorces Jordan. She becomes Jordan's new wife and brings some new style to his life, he spoils her and has two children with her. They eventually get divorced when Jordan is sent to prison for money laundering and stock fraud.
Donnie Azoff is Jordan Belfort's bestfriend and vice president of Stratton Oakmont. He is by Jordan's side through the whole experience and does just as many drugs as he does, maybe even more. Jordan and Donnie's favorite drugs are quaaludes, they get high on a daily basis.
Threshold Guardians:
FBI Agent Patrick Denham, who has been tracking Jordan Belfort since he made a name for himself on Wall Street.
Jordan even tried to bribe him with a job at his brokerage. But Agent Denham is a "straight arrow" and tries to get him on record bribing him so that he can lock up Jordan for good.
Initiations/Tests/Adversity Road of Trials:
Throughout the film Jordan Belfort faces multiple tests and hardships that challenged his will to continue his pursuit to the top of wall street. One of the first test he faces is when he gets fired from wall street his first day as an official broker, but he still decides to pursue his dream and look to other places for work. He is extremely successful working at "Investors Center", but wants more. He then decides to start his own business and continues to run penny stocks, but then realizes it isn't enough, he wants more. He learns to sell to the wealthier, higher class of America and makes a name for himself. He takes an interview with "Forbes" Magazine, who renames him, "The Wolf of Wall Street". With the FBI and SEC watching his and Stratton Oakmont's every move, Jordan has to find new "ratholes". He found out one of the workers at the brokerage knows a banker in Switzerland, he now has to find a way to get the money there and to hold the money under another name that isn't suspicious. Jordan gets in contact with Naomi's aunt, Aunt Emma, who lives in London but was in complete compliance with the whole money scheme. Donnie and Jordan still have to find a way to get all their money into Switzerland without any suspicion. Brad, Jordan's biggest drug dealer and rathole, girlfriend just so happens to be from Switzerland and so is her family. During one of the exchanges of money, Donnie gets Brad arrested because he doesn't know how to act. Donnie gets a hold of "Lemmons", old super strong quaaludes, and him and Jordan decide to get high for the night. When Jordan gets a call from his dad, telling him the FBI Agent had his phone tapped and he comes to find that Donnie is on the phone with the banker in Switzerland. Also, Steve Madden starts unloading shares because he found out Jordan Belfort was in trouble with FBI and didn't trust him anymore. Right after he finds that out, he finds out that Aunt Emma passed away but was smart enough to transfer the money she was holding for him in Switzerland to his name. Jordan faces tons of problems throughout his adventure on Wall Street which ultimately end up bringing Jordan back to his right place.
Entering the Belly of the Whale:
After Brad serves 3 months in jail for not ratting out Donnie, he realizes that the FBI is really on his tail he needs to cover his tracks fast. His dad suggest that he step down from Stratton Oakmont for good, and he hands down the business to Donnie.
The Supreme Ordeal/Climax:
Jordan decides he's going to quit at Stratton Oakmont to get the FBI and SEC off his tail for good. He's going to pass the business down to Donnie and be done for good.
The Transformation:
After Donnie and Jordan take the lemmons, and Jordan finds out that the FBI has his phones tapped. Jordan gets home and finds Donnie on the phone with the Swiss banker, and fights him to get him off the phone. Donnie ends up choking on some food and Jordan has to snort some cocaine just to be functional enough to save him.
Meeting with the Goddess:
Jordan met Naomi at a house party and then took her to dinner. Their affair began when Jordan was still married to his last wife, Teresa. Jordan eventually married Naomi and had two children with her and later on divorced.
Night or Sea Journey:
When Jordan has to get to Switzerland to make sure the bank that is holding is money is still going to work. They have to sail through a storm and end up getting rescued by some italians and Jordan gets a sign from "God" that it's time to quit, when he sees the helicopter he called for explode because a seagull flew into the engine.
Dragon Battle:
Jordan has to deal with the fact that his wife, Naomi doesn't love him anymore and that he is going to go to prison for a few years and he's going to have to give up the names of all those people a part of Stratton Oakmont. He has to own up to everything.
The Return:
Refusal to Return:
When Jordan tells Stratton Oakmont that he's not leaving and that he's staying, the FBI and SEC automatially are back on his tail.
"I'm not fucking leaving, the show must go on! This is my home, they're gonna need a fucking wrecking ball to take me down!"
Magic Flight/Pursuit:
With Jordan back on the hunt and the FBI hot on his tail, Jordan tries to clean up his act and do what the FBI wants him to do. The FBI required full cooperation, they wanted him to wear a wire and rat out everyone involved with his shenanigans.
Rescue from Without:
When Jordan and Donnie decide to sail the boat out to Switerzland from Italy, knowing that the waters are dangerous, the boat goes down and it seems like that's the end of Jordan and Donnie. Some italians come and save them from their doom.
Crossing the Return Threshold:
FBI catches Jordan and tells him that he has to wear a wire or he is going to spend 20 or more years in prison. If he gives up everyone and wears a wire he will get off easy. He then finds out Naomi wants a divorce and doesn't love him anymore. When she threatens to take the children away from him, he is infuriated and breaks and snorts cocaine again.
Master of Two Worlds:
Jordan goes to Stratton Oakmont with a wire and slips Donnie a note warning him that he is wearing a wire and not to incriminate himself. The FBI comes across this note and arrests Jordan. Jordan goes to prison for three years and "forgets" he's rich and claims to live in a place where everything was for sale.
Freedom to Live:
When Jordan is released from prison he sobers up and begins a career in motivational speaking and helps teach people to sell things. Jordan now has the freedom to live his life without worrying about taking peoples money and he doesn't have to run from the FBI anymore.
"Home" to Jordan Belfort, the hero, is doing his job to the best of his ability and making it "big" on wall street. He starts a job at "Investor's Center" and is making good money, 50% commission on all penny stocks. When Donnie approaches Jordan at a cafe and tells him that he'll work for him if Jordan really does make that much money. Jordan and Donnie decide to start their own business and he leaves his ordinary world and enters an entirely new one. The point of no return for him is when Jordan makes a name for himself of wall street with Stratton Oakmont, Forbes magazine refers to him as "The Wolf of Wall Street" and compares him to a type of "twisted Robin Hood who takes from the rich and gives to himself and his merry band of brokers." The goal that the hero is attempting to accomplish is to get rich and to get rich fast. He told his colleagues, "Let me tell you something. There's no nobility in poverty. I've been a poor man, and I've been a rich man. And I choose rich every fucking time." Jordan is money hungry and determined to do what it takes to make it to the top. He gets a kick out of scamming people and being the best stock broker out there, he has it so good now why would he stop because some little agents want to ruin his fun.
Jordan starts his journey by writing out a script to make his sleazy friends sound like upper class, educated stock brokers. He has to find a way to make all this money without it technically being illegal. He does this by finding people to hold the money for him, "ratholes", by doing so the FBI and SEC will back off his case until he does anything suspicious. At one of his large house parties, he meets Naomi Lapaglia. Within a few seconds he already had forgotten about his wife Teresa, it didn't take long for an affair to start between them. After Teresa and Jordan divorce, Naomi and Jordan get married and start making big moves. The hero trains his closet friend and vice president of his company, Donnie Azoff. Donnie goes with Jordan everywhere and learns the ins and outs of wall street and money laundering and stock fraud. Jordan begins to dive deeper into the initiation by abusing hard drugs. According to the hero, "On a daily basis I consume enough drugs to sedate Manhattan, Long Island, and Queens for a month." Without drugs, Jordan wouldn't able to be functional at all. The enemy of the Stratton Oakmont and Jordan Belfort is the FBI and SEC. The hero must also face the challenge that FBI Agent Patrick Denham throws at him by trying to exploit his scam.
Brother Battle:
Jordan is getting deeper into drug abuse and it's getting harder for him to stay off of agent Denham's radar. During one the transfers with Donnie and Brad, Donnie gets Brad arrested. Brad is Jordan's biggest "rathole", but Brad does three months in jail because he wouldn't rat out Donnie. Donnie feels guilty for getting Brad arrested and offers Jordan some "lemmons", hardcore quaaludes. When they get high, Jordan gets a call from his dad ordering him to go to a pay phone, there he tells him that the FBI had his phones tapped and that Donnie got Brad arrested. Jordan is so high he almost crashes his car on his drive home to stop Donnie from talking on the phone. When he gets to his house, he tells Donnie he knows what he did to Brad and Donnie turns to food and starts choking. Jordan has to snort cocaine just to be able to function properly to save Donnie from dying. The fight with Donnie changed the hero by showing him that it's time to step down from Stratton Oakmont and hand the business down for good. After Brad is released from jail, Jordan throws a celebration on his yacht and then tells Stratton, he's not leaving. He then goes to take his and Donnie's wife to Italy to celebrate the his return to the company, when they are out there they find out that Aunt Emma passed and Steve Madden was unloading shares. He then decides to sail the boat to Switzerland as fast as possible to salvage his money in their bank and the almost dies. When they are saved the hero has an epiphany and realizes he needs to clean up his act quick. He sobers up for two years and begins to advise people to become "rich". During the filming of an infomercial, Jordan is taken down by the FBI because the Swiss banker he had a deal with got arrested on US soil and rats out Jordan.
Jordan eventually rats out those at Stratton Oakmont and goes to jail for three years. When he is released he starts a new career in motivational speaking. the hero made his wrongs right by teaching others how to sell products to anyone. So instead of taking other people's money, he's teaching other people how to take other people's money. Jordan started from the bottom and made it all the way to the top of Wall Street and lived extreme. He sobered up and turned his life around for the better. Jordan is now a new man, not a sleazy sale man anymore. His whole experience through Wall Street helped him shape his new life because now he knows he doesn't have to take everyone's money just to be or feel rich. Jordan Belfort is a motivational speaker and assists those interested in buying and selling things and for becoming rich.
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