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Requirements Engineering

Real Life Examples

Lauro C

on 11 September 2015

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Transcript of Requirements Engineering

True Stories
Ariane 4
Ariane 5
Very successful rocket.
Since its first flight in 1988 until the last, in 2003, it made 113 successful launches
Ariane 5's first flight on 4 June 1996 failed with the rocket self-destructing 37 seconds after launch because of a malfunction in the control software.
it was a conversion from 64-bit floating point to 16-bit integer that overflowed.
I should have avoided that error.
Mars Orbiter
The spacecraft was launched on December 1998.

It disintegrated on September 1999 while entering the
Athmosphere of Mars.
Berlin Airport
Start Project,
Will be finished on October 2011
Lauro Canonica , 11 9 2015
Requirements Engineering
Ariane 5
Failure Investigation Report
The software of Ariane 4 was reused for Ariane 5.

Ariane 5 acceleration was bigger than the previous model and one algorithm failed returning an Integer conversion error.

The automatic controls of
Ariane 5 decided for
self destruction
we reused the previous tests
and we missed checking with
the new acceleration.
The faulty algorithm was needed only in Ariane 4.
If we removed the old requirement, we would have saved Ariane 5.
Mars Climate Orbiter
Mars Climate Orbiter
Failure Investigation Report
There were two main contractors:
- LockHeed Martin Aeronautics
- Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The two companies didn't work in the same measuring system.

The Orbiter miscalculated its
position as metric values were
expected but imperial values
were delivered.
LockHeed Martin Aeronautics
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
I didn't correctly read the requirement
about the measuring units
integration testing was not done correctly.
Mars Orbiter
Berlin Airport
Mars Orbiter
Berlin Airport
I should have checked if all the requirements were tested and implemented.
A simple check would have saved the Orbiter.
We are a little late,
it will be ready in
June 2012
Small issues,
it will be ready in
March 2013
Uh oh, ahem, it will be ready in
We have no idea,
sometime after 2016 !
Poor change Management

Continuous changes and new requirements.
500 in the last 3 years.
Cabling chaos

The requirements for cabling were wrong. The space reserved for the wires is too small and it is planned for incompatible cable types.
Excessive complexity of the fire safety system

For esthetic reasons, the smoke has to be pushed away with pipes below the floor instead of above the ceiling.
This requirement goes against the natural behavior of smoke and increases the complexity enormously.
Bad management of requirements

Requirements Engineering
is the base
for successful projects.
Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER)
The main escalators for the basement are too short. The ceiling height changed and the requirement was not updated.
Requirements Engineering =
Figure out what you want to do and let other people know about it
Thank you
Your attention
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