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Political Developments

Politcal Developments in England includes information about the Magna Carta and effect of common law in England.

Ranjitha V

on 5 May 2010

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Transcript of Political Developments

Politcal Developments Henry II had come from
a long line of English Monarchs, and
he was entitled to many lands and riches. One of King Henry II's goals was to strengthen
his own power over the Nobles and the Church. And he
also wanted to hold and gain onto as many French lands as
possible. Henry the second also made
judgements about crimes and
criminals before exucuting them. Also King Henry sent
royal judges to different
parts of Europe, and thus juries were established. Along with the juries, Common Law
was also established during the reign
of King Henry and Common Law by
definition means that no one is above
or below the law including royalty. King Richard the Lion Hearted King John King John had arose to the throne
in 1199 after his brother King Richard the Lion
Hearted died. King John and his brother Richard the
Lion Hearted were the sons of King Henry II. POLITICAL DEVELOPMENTS The Magna Carta had brought an
end to feudalism because together
all the nobles and people of Europe
banded together to fight for the Magna Carta.

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