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Likely Letters

No description

Abigail Teodorescu

on 12 May 2015

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Transcript of Likely Letters

Likely Letters
Abigail Teodorecsu, Tommy Mullings, Arianna Matache
Individual Data
Abigail Teodorescu
Tommy Mullings
Arianna Matache

Predict what you think the top five most-used letters will be.

Group Data
1. If we took the 26 letters of the alphabet and placed them in a hat and then asked you to choose one without looking, the theoretical probability would be 1 out of 26 or about 3.8%. However, if we choose a letter at random out of a book or other written material, does each letter still have an equal probability of being chosen? Explain.
No, each letter doesn't have an equal probability of being chosen because some letters are used more than others in different words and phrases. There would not be the same amount of each letter to select from anymore.
1 & 2
2. To find the probability of choosing any letter in the alphabet (at random) out of a book or other written source, would you use theoretical or experimental probability? Why?
You would use experimental probability because it is more reliable and the outcomes are more exact in comparison to theoretical. Experimental would also be the best to use because you are conducting an experiment to find the probability of something happening.
3. Who might actually use these results which show the letters used most often in English?
People like authors, writers, students and etc. may use these results and try to challenge themselves to use different words with different letters.
4. How did the results change as you collected more data by combining your data with your group?
Most of the letter amounts got larger and very few stayed the same.
5. Will your results become more accurate as your data sample becomes larger? Why?
Yes, because you would be taking a larger portion of letters that are used in words inside of passages, text, songs, etc.
6 & 7
6. Which five consonants would be the most useful when playing Wheel of Fortune?
N, S, T, L, and H would be the most useful consonants if someone were to be playing Wheel of Fortune.
7. What percentage of all the letters surveyed by the group were vowels? Consonants?
Vowels=34.3% repeating

Consonants= 65.6% repeating
8. In the game of Scrabble, why do you think that the letters Q, Z, and X have higher point values?

The reason for this is because these letters are rarely used. If a player can find a way to incorporate those letters, then he or she will get more points for that letter that was "rare".
9. What are the five least-used letters according to your group data?
1.J 2.X 3.Q 4.V 5.Y
Were your predictions correct? Were you surprised?
Only two of the letter we predicted were part of the top five: E and O. T came out as the most-used letter. We were very surprised that A did not come out as one of the top five because it always appears to be the most-used letter.
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