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Cruise Companies Trade Loyalty programs July 2012 update 18 Dec 2012

Carnival RCCL NCL

enrico carlucci

on 19 February 2013

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Transcript of Cruise Companies Trade Loyalty programs July 2012 update 18 Dec 2012

Carnival Cruise Line Starting from August 1, 2012
new anti-rebating pricing policy

5% maximun discount or added value
items discount of 25$
NO offering onboard spending credits, prepaid gratuities and free or discounted shore excursions
This means :
NO shopping
NO Price Confusion (especially on Cruise Rookies)
Enforcing limits on how agencies could use cash-equivalent incentives. Such incentives could not exceed more than 10% of the cruise fare, and they had to be part of a Carnival-approved sales and marketing plan.
Discounts are prohibited also in face-to-face conversations, telephone conversations and emails.

"Carnival said it wanted to "minimize consumer confusion over price." Carnival-branded logo items, gift cards,
a flat screentelevision or an Apple iPad® CCL University online travel agent training program with free webinar Carnival’s “Working Smarter, Not Harder” tool in the Travel Partner Toolbox, where Carnival provides resources for partners to maximize their business-building opportunities Starting from June 27 till August 22 Carnival is encouraging travel agents to “pitch” to cruise rookies with a new summer series of baseball-themed videos, quizzes and scavenger hunts filled with proven sales tips from Carnival and a variety of travel agents Viewing a new “Cruise Rookie” Training Video on GoCCL.com (400 points)
Registering on GoCCL.com: both new and existing registrants (500 points)
Making bookings for Carnival “Cruise Rookies” (750 points per client)
Finding hidden codes within various Carnival travel agent emails,
webinars and on GoCCL.com (50-100 points)
Booking select sailings (300-600 points) http://www.carnivalmeetings.com/ http://www.carnivalagentrewards.com/ 1 Step - Bachelor's of Fun 2 step - Master of Memories 3 step - Ph.D. of Awesome Available on sailings 3 months prior to sail date for short cruises (5 days or less) and available on sailings 5 months prior to sail date for long cruises (6 days or longer). Verified rate difference is issued as an on-board credit Travel partener Toolbox Travel Partner ToolBox http://www.partnersfirst.ncl.com http://www.ncluniversity.com " Hope is that agents come to consider the operator as a partner of choice and work more closely with it for mutual benefit.
Probably the most important part of driving demand for us has been travel agency advocacy, building relationships with travel partners that really makes them become ambassadors.
Agents are our lifeline. We want to focus on our travel agent partners to be able to drive demand and be mutually successful with them. Actions speak louder than words and it’s not just about what we say, it’s about what we do.”

Francis Riley, Norwegian’s president and general manager
“La inversión en capacitación es muy interesante para nuestros agentes de viajes en toda Latinoamérica y el Caribe. La Universidad de WOW fue una herramienta popular en nuestros mercados, pero se enfocaba sólo en la marca Royal Caribbean. Estamos encantados de ofrecer Cruising for Excellence, que abarca las tres marcas (Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises y Azamara Club Cuises) en español. La herramienta permite a los agentes de viajes aprender a su propio ritmo y reciben reconocimiento si finalizan con éxito los diversos módulos”.

Algunas de las características del nuevo programa de educación virtual Cruising for Excellence son:

•Interactividad, entornos virtuales de barco que permiten al agente visualizar los elementos clave de a bordo, tales como el Parque Central dentro del Allure of the Seas y el Lawn Club a bordo de los barcos de Celebrity Cruises de clase Solstice.
•Entornos virtuales en 3-D son “reales”, crean una idea del crucero.
•Fácil y divertido de usar.
•Las sesiones de entrenamiento visual, incluyen pruebas y videos para mantener a los agentes motivados y comprometidos.
•Una tabla de clasificación con un ranking de quienes han completado mejor los módulos de Cruising for Excellence, permitiendo que cada uno vea los agentes más destacados e incrementando un sentido de competencia entre las agencias.
•La oportunidad de convertirse en “Capitán” de una de las navieras, el mayor logro en el programa de capacitación, por lo que los agentes pueden concentrarse en ser un especialista en Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises y Azamara Cruises Club, en lugar de las tres marcas, si su negocio solo comercializa una o dos de las marcas.
•Los agentes que completen todos los módulos de capacitación serán los especialistas de cruceros y obtendrán el estatus de “Almirante”
El programa de entrenamiento virtual Cruising for Excellence incluye elementos interactivos complementando la retroalimentación de los agentes que querían estar “más cerca de los barcos”, además de una experiencia atractiva para el aprendizaje, así como sesiones claras y concisas y un mayor uso de contenido visual.

Frank Medina,
Director, Sales & Marketing - Latin America & Caribbean / Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd
july 2011 2012 - May Price protecion Policy Anti-rebating price Trade ads creator
"Biz Builder" YouTube support channels YouTube Trade Channel Travel Agent rewards Program With dedicated website Anti - rebating Price Policy Price Protection Policy Election of Travel Partner of the month "Pitching the cruise Rookies" Travel agent program for 2012 Summer Sales Incentives website Joni Rein like a "Pintcher" 1° innings - Family Cruise rookies 2° innings - couples 3° innings - elderly couples To be Continued... Best Price Guaranted University of WoW - Crusing for Excellence Loyal to You Always -
Loyalty program Loyal to You Always Dedicated WebSite Jun, 6 - Travel Agente Appreciation day Royal Caribbean International has proclaimed June 6 as its first “World’s Largest Travel Agent Appreciation Day.” Hundreds of the line’s executives and employees will call on more than 7,000 travel professionals worldwide “to re-affirm Royal Caribbean’s appreciation for travel agents, and showcase new agent support programs as part of the Loyal to You Always commitment.” Loyal to You Always is ushering in new programs in the U.S. and Canada, including Travel Agent Friends & Family Rates.

The event, billed as the cruise industry’s largest global travel professional outreach, will engage travel agents simultaneously in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, China, Japan, Singapore and more. Each regional office will express the cruise line’s appreciation for its travel agent partners in their own way. company’s senior executives will each lead on-site and in-agency surprise visits. Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. Chairman and CEO Richard Fain will be visiting travel agents throughout South Florida. Royal Caribbean International President and CEO Adam Goldstein will visit travel agents in Miami, while Lisa Bauer, senior vice president of global sales and marketing, will be in Mexico City, and Vicki Freed, senior vice president of sales and trade support and services is in Los Angeles. I’m Vicki Freed, Senior Vice President of Sales and Trade Support & Services at Royal Caribbean International. You may be surprised to learn that travel agents sell the majority of our vacations each year. They are amazing “interpreters” of the Royal Caribbean experience, and we work ‘round the clock to bolster their sales success, with agent support teams across the U.S., Canada, and our global offices. 4° innings - hmooner e-tutorial NclU Youtube channel University of WOW Partner First NCL University Cruise Companies Trade Loyalty program CCL University Celebrity & Azamara Carnival Corporation
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