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U.S. propaganda during Vietnam war

Presentation for Propaganda class, Masaryk University, Brno

Caloian Cristina

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of U.S. propaganda during Vietnam war

War Posters # Media criticism – the US lost the war
# Political fail than military loose
# Classic US propaganda system example Vietnam War Propaganda # Vietnam War Propaganda
# Cold War Era military conflict
# Began in the '60's - fall of Saigon '75: there is still a discussion about dates *mainstream media included The New York Times, CBS, ... + lively debate
*US government: key to win this war = media control and propaganda
*Problem – controlling the general population´s opinions, the rise of anti-war propaganda Propaganda will be a major part of the battle
4/1965 – 11/1966 – 400 million leaflets dropped by US aircrafts in Vietnam # Total number of produced leaflets during the war – 50 billion
Most common method of propaganda during the Vietnam war – posters, leaflets Why we consider this propaganda? manipulative – presents facts selectively playing with people´s emotions by trying to show values of the modern society – freedom
and equality biased message – easy visualisation of the main idea looks like an advert or a commercial, so it catches viewer attention quickly -
focused on large group of people Membuat lakaran awal pada flash Proses memasukkan warna pada flash proses mengabungkan gambar di
photoshop untuk di jadikan format gif Langkah-langkah Mencipta Gambar Animasi Graphics Interchange contoh gambar animasi yang sudah siap sepenuhnya Selain daripada membuat gambar animasi,
saya juga ditugaskan untuk membantu kakitangan syarikat iridea dalam mengubah,mencipta dan memberi idea untuk aplikasi yang memerlukan reka bentuk antara muka, contohnya... mencipta antara muka untuk aplikasi maxis smart miss call alert Mencipta ikon,butang dan flash skrin untuk
MAXIS SMART MISS CALL ALERT Selain itu saya juga dapat mempelajari tentang produk syarikat, tentang perniagaan dan cara pemasaran menggunakan teknologi.
Di samping itu sayajuga dapat mengetahui bagaimana cara untuk berkomunikasi dengan para pekerja dan orang luar sama ada dari pihak atasan atau bawahan yang terlibat dengan syarikat ini.Oleh itu adalah sangat baik latihan industri ini dijalankan supaya pelajar memahami segala aspek yang terkandung dalam bidang yang diikuti. Live debates! * Racial segregation can be easily depicted in the poster used in 1973

->No place for racial policy during the war - army needs men and women
*The only thing that matters – fight against the world evil in the form of the communist
ideology War-supporting propaganda posters Propaganda ANTI REFERENCES Photo source: www.rare-posters.com/5472.html wnd.com psywarrior.com/Vietnambanknote.html # Friedman, H. A. (2004): Propaganda Banknote Leaflets of the Vietnam War. (cit. 2012-11-09) MESSAGE. Women opposed to violence should go for men who are resisting the military draft. Appealing more to the subjective side, when the topic needs so many reasons-to-believe. Visual elements BACKSTORY, 1968. The U.S folk singer, Joan Baez, along with her sisters encouraged draft resistance and raising money for that. INTERPRETATION. Suggests the war-driven objectification of the women, the so-called transactional sex - without a nonsexual motive. Discriminates the women using them to fight against war drafting. Main aim in the USA – attract citizens to join the army ->Uncle Sam's famous phrase 'I want you' Main aim in the USA – attract citizens to join the army -> Uncle Sam and the effective catchphrase “I want you” #Sproule, J.Michael, 1997, Propaganda and democracy: the american experience of media and mass persuasion, Cambridge TONE. catchy, imperative, not offering a precise advice, but a blackmailing suggestion #The capital letters are selling the message using a teaser ('GIRLS SAY YES' ... NO) #Fadded background + the way the're staring #Their posing suggests determination Hana Krhovská Martina Ulmanová Elisa Bochicchio Tomáš Mezuláník Cristina Caloian = women showed their loyalty and commitment to radicalism. Hippies and feminist movements are also taking place in those years. STRUCTURE. repetitions + antonyms = catchy # Black and white simplifies, gives the message more emphasis, maybe mourning = counters the fear that draft resistance was unmanly by promising draft resisters the traditional rewards of the warrior # Sexy-poster duty: Sexist, ageist, lookist
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