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Academic Writing

No description

Lucy Van Der Merwe

on 1 February 2016

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Transcript of Academic Writing

Unit 7: Academic Writing
By Alecia Fourie and Lucy Van Der Merwe

Essay writing is more than just putting words on a piece of paper.

You have to define your objective, analyse your question and conduct research.
Essay Writing

To demonstrate an understanding of the topic;
To communicate;
To educate the reader;
To create a body of knowledge;
To express one’s thoughts/ feelings/ opinions/ observations;
To discuss, analyse, evaluate, compare and critique a body of knowledge.
Source: Visitoresund; Image by: Unknown; <www.visitoresund.info > viewed on May 2014.
The Writing Process
Before you start writing
Writing a draft
Parts of your Essay
Explore a system for gathering information, linked to essay title(s).
Know the difference between drafting and editing.
Know how to proofread effectively.
Be able to examine critical writing.
Your definition of
the question
Your readers
The Introduction
Outline your theme
Indicate your main points
State how your essay is structured
Outline your reasons for focusing on specific aspects of a general topic
Indicate the scope and limits of your essay
 Include the main points
 Link information
 Present each point fully and accurately
 Each point should consist of one or more paragraphs
 The order of the paragraphs is important
 Balance your main points
 Summarise what you have discussed in the body of the essay
 Restate your theme
 Draw together your main points
 Refer back to your introduction
Rough Draft
Argument or Exposition
Before submitting
 Edit your final draft
 Check your in-text referencing
 Check your reference list/ bibliography
 Proofread your essay
Critical Writing
Makes use of the same principles as critical reading
Indicates the ability to communicate critical reading, analysis and evaluation of information and development of your own ideas
Shows that you are able to partake in academic debates and arguments
Study guide
Critical writing continued
 Shows how you support your arguments
 Shows that you are able to analyse both sides of the argument
 Shows how you evaluate and weigh up all of your evidence
When constructing an argument, you are expected to debate the idea, stating what other writers think about the subject.

You need to evaluate information for its validity, reasoning, logical progressions/ progression of logic, emotive language, facts, opinions and assumptions.

You need to present information that is true and correct.
Argumentative Essays
The objective is to persuade the reader that your position/ point of view is correct.

An argumentative essay must include reasons for your opinions.

An argumentative essay must include reasons that others have against your point of view.
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Download mind map memo and Schematic Mind
In Groups Brainstorm ideas.

One student in group to organise the brainstorming information into a mind map

Second student writes the body of the essay

This student writes the conclusion

Fourth student writes the Introduction

Hand Essay in

Study guide
Analysing your topic
Content words/phrases
Direction words/phrases
Study guide

Writing to a plan
Free Writing
A combination of the two
Study guide
Different types of sentences
Keeping an essay formal requires using indirect speech
The do's and the don'ts
Full transcript