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No description

adriana lopez

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of perfume

InVenTion daTe crEatED! how perfume has impact society? **perfumes** adriana lopez The Egyptians were the first to incorporate perfume into their culture. The earliest use of perfume bottles were Egyptian and around 1000 BC. The Egyptians also invented glass and perfume bottles. Following by other countries too. Perfume has impact society by years from now that
so many people in days like to buy perfumes/colones.
Example when a new fragrance comes out they go and buy it only because it attracts their smell or for no reason. Adriana Lopez engineering ??? start what are perfumes???? what does it mean!! Thousands of years old - the word "perfume" comes from the Latin perfume "through smoke".One of the oldest uses of perfumes comes form the burning of incense and aromatic herbs used in religious services, often the aromatic gums, frankincense and myrrh, gathered from trees. who invented perfumes? perfumes are!! ohh o.o about 4,000 years ago ThE puRp0Se of tHe InVeNtIon??! The purpose of inventing perfume was to
enhance love making to attract mens /
women's , and a sharpen mind. Also to
decrease (eliminate) bad smell. how is it work? It comes in a bottle remove the top
and spray it on the spot you want it. http://perfume.history/inventor.com
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