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Developments in BESP and within entire CBR payment system

Presented at 13th IRSF, London, April 23, 2013

Vladimir Kulipanov

on 20 April 2013

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Transcript of Developments in BESP and within entire CBR payment system

Vladimir Kulipanov,
CBR payment system Department Developments in BESP and within entire CBR payment system BESP Basic facts Settlement type Other payment services Is there something wrong with the usage of BESP? CLS and RUB History Levels of participation Liquidity management Payments instruments Statistics Real time gross settlement system Volume of transactions in BESP Value of BESP Transactions (mln RUB) BESP accounts for 30% of RUB value moved via CBR PS December 21, 2007
The first few payments came through. Direct Special Associated Payment orders (credit transfers) Direct debits Batch processing in Moscow Regional continuous settlement Tariffs? STP? Language? Compatibility with MT202? Voluntary usage? Failure to find appropriate Nostro! Liquidity bridge Queue management Embedded netting routines De facto primary settlement engine Resembles real time gross settlement. Service is restricted to the boundaries of local territories. Engagement Intention Memo and NDA are signed Education Workshops completed Due diligence IT & Operations gaps identified Legal gap analysis in progress Implementation and development 2015 Estimated
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