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My Dreams

No description

Justin Wong

on 30 September 2014

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Transcript of My Dreams

Justin's Life Map
Dream 1:Buy my own car
Goal 1: Get a job
Date-Tuesday and Thursday in November

Specific-Looking at years and models or cars and comparing them

Reminder-Phone Calender

Support- Father

Goal 2: Research cars
Goal 3: Go test driving
Date-Every Sunday from 3-4pm in March.

Specific-Test driving the cars that I have chosen while I was researching.

Reminder-Phone Calender

Support- Father

Dream 2:Become an electrician
Dream 3:Move to Vancouver
Goal 1: Saving for College
Date-Every month after graduating highschool

Specific-Saving 50% of paycheck every month

Reminder-Phone Calender

Support- Family

Date-First day of college.

Specific-Studying the notes that were taken that day.

Reminder-Post-IT notes

Support- Me

Date-Every Saturday.

Specific-Practice by working with electrical wiring.

Reminder-Phone Calender

Support- Brother

Goal 2: Studying In College
Goal 3: Hands on practice
Goal 1: Saving Money
Date-September 17th, 2022.

Specific-Save 3% of paycheck.


Support- Family

Goal 2: House Hunting
Date-Starting July 2022 every Sunday.

Specific-Looking for different houses from 9-10pm.


Support- Mother

Date-July 2024

Specific-Hire a large moving company

Reminder-Phone Calender.

Support- Moving people

Goal 3: Hire a moving company
Reflection Questions
Date-Starting October 7th

Specific-local entry level jobs in fast food or retail.

Reminder-Phone Calender

Support- Family

Would you like to save that?
What have i learned about myself from my life map?
What patterns do i see? What things come up repeatedly?
Who do i need to become in order to fulfill the intentions on my life map? What qualities will i need to develop in the coming year to ensure success?
How will I deal with obstacles that occur? What supports do i have in place?
What things appear to be my focus or are important to me? Why are they important?
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