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Howlin Wolf - I'm Leavin' You


Jordan Mallam

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Howlin Wolf - I'm Leavin' You

Howlin' Wolf - I'm Leavin' You Chess Studios -Rhythm and Blues
-Recorded in 1958 Background Rhythm and metre Quadruple (common) time swung quavers Typical Features : - Backbeats
- Continuous triplets in piano
- semiquavers in lead guitar leads to cross rhythms
- longer note legths in instrumental (39) Melody and word setting Predominantly syllabic, with occasional
slurred passages Blue notes (Bb)
Vocal range of an octave (D-D) Irregular phase lengths
Scat style of singing (nonsense) Variations from verse to verse
indicate improvisation Texture Performed by vocal, harmonica, guitars, piano, bass and drums
Melody dominated homophony, with stop time Performance techniques include:
-rich bends
-Glissando- Double/ tripple stopping
- Harmonica plays chords of 2 and 3 notes Harmony Twelve bar blues progession
use of 7th and 9th chords
Though notated in G major, frequent blue notes give the impression of G minor Tonality and structure In G
No modulation Twelve bar blues
six choruses (strophic)
with intro, instrumental and coda
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