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The Churches of Revelation

Bible Study series overview by Beyond Today. See the whole series here: http://www.ucg.org/beyond-today/beyond-today-bible-study/the-churches-of-revelation

Beyond Today

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of The Churches of Revelation

The Loveless Church
The Persecuted Church
The Compromising Church
The Corrupt Church
The Dead Church
The Faithful Church
The Lukewarm Church
The Compromising Church
The Dead Church
In Revelation, as we study the messages to the churches listed there, we see seven specific congregations of believers that effectively represent the totality of the Church—the church through all times and seasons.
...The order of the messages to the churches seems to be divinely selected to give prophetically the main movement of church history.”
We will be given power over the nations in the Kingdom.
We will receive a new name.
We will not be hurt by the second death.
We will eat from the tree of life.
We will be clothed in white garments of righteousness.
We will be pillars in the temple of My God.
We will sit with Christ on His throne.
Satan drawing Church members back into society and sin.
False teachers & false prophets.
False doctrine.
Christians in name only.
Christians with little strength.
Wretched and spiritually blind members.
A developing corrupted form of Christianity.
Greatest City in Asia
Known as
Lumen Asiae
—“The Light of Asia.”
Greatest harbor in Asia.
At Ephesus, the road from Galatia reached the sea, having come through Sardis.
Called Gateway of Asia, “Highway of the Martyrs”
Wealthiest and Greatest City in all of Asia
“The setting of the city was very beautiful. It began at the harbor; it traversed the narrow foothills; and then behind the city there rose the Pagos, a hill covered with temples and noble buildings which were spoken of as ‘The Crown of Smyrna.’”
On the coins of Smyrna there was be an inscription of a merchant ship ready for sea.
Smyrna’s great advantage was that in time of war it could be easily closed by a chain across its mouth.
Safest of all regional harbors, most convenient.
Traded in the Hermus valley, became a great trading city.
Smyrna stood at the end of the road which crossed Lydia and Phrygia and traveled out to the Far East.
Smyrna was called the ornament of Asia, the crown of Asia and the flower of Asia.
A great rival of Ephesus
Source: wildwinds.com
Historically, Asia’s greatest city
In the ancient world parchment was the
pergamene charta
, the Pergamene sheet.
Famous for its library, which contained no fewer than 200,000 parchment rolls.
More cultured than Ephesus or Smyrna.
Built on a tall conical hill, which dominated the valley of the River Caicus, from the top of which the Mediterranean could be seen, 15 miles away.
By the time John was writing, Pergamos had been a capital city for almost 400 years.
Historically important because of its location
It was from Thyatira that Lydia, the seller of purple, came (Acts 16:14).
Thyatira was not capable of any prolonged defense.
Thyatira was the gateway to Pergamum.
First and foremost, Thyatira was a great commercial town.
Thyatira was a hub connecting Pergamum, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea, Smyrna and Byzantium.
Sardis was a city of degeneration and decay
The wealth of Sardis was legendary, perhaps coming from gold in the area.
Actually two towns, one on the plateau and one in the valley.
Sardis stood like a gigantic watch-tower, guarding the Hermus valley.
Youngest of the seven cities
In A.D. 17 there came a great earthquake that destroyed Sardis and 10 other cities. In Philadelphia the tremors went on for years.
Philadelphia was the center of a great grape-growing area and a famous producer of wines.
The Katakekaumene was a great volcanic plain bearing the marks of the lava and the ashes of volcanoes then extinct.
Situated where the borders of Mysia, Lydia and Phrygia met.
Philadelphos is Greek for “one who loves his brother.”
Christ had nothing good to say about Laodicea
Two other roads passed through the gates of Laodicea, that from Pergamum and the Hermus Valley to Pisidia and Pamphylia and the coast at Perga and that from eastern Caria to central and west Phrygia.
The great road to the East ran straight through the city, making Laodicea one of the great commercial and strategic centers of the ancient world.
Laodicea’s importance was due entirely to its position.
Prison Island
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