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selena gomez

No description

Anice Daud Espejo

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of selena gomez

selena marie gomez
born on
july 22 1992 Biography selena gomez started to apier on televition in barny then she audition for the wizards of weberly place ... small she was raced in Grand Prairie , Texas one of her favorites bands is Paramore one of her hobbies is playing basketball , surf and skting films she has been on monte carlo :protagonist the wizards of waberly place another cinderella story : protagonist ramona and bezzus : one of the protagonist princess protection program Official Sites
www.twitter.com/selena gomez
www.youtube.com/selenagomez Quotes
"Be yourself always, there's no one better!"
"always listin to your parents (:"
"You know what they say- If you love somebody, set them free. If they love you more, they'll come back." she has a clothe collection called : dream out laud she is the face of borden milk she also has a perfume the reason that she put that name to her collection is because she didn't wanted to named like Selena Gomez clothe , she wanted something more significant Selena Gomez is the ambassadress of UNICEF in U.S.A that was Selena's tap water
also there are other celebrities tap waters she has a stepfather called Phillip
Mom is called Mandy her name was chose by her father in realation to his favorite singer , Selena Quintanilla selena is also mexican well this was just a part of her life well this is part of her life she has many haters as much a lovers
but she never give up and she never let the haters let her down
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