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carla .

on 1 October 2012

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Transcript of PRESENTATION

SB Corporations SA.
present... Our mission... The problem... is to provide a solution for a range of social issues and ecological controversies that have emerged due to large industries' tendency of developing hardware components with modular units. Make them safe, make them last, and take them back. Due to the increasing tendency to develop hardware in modular units, a range of social impacts and ethical issues have emerged, including:
Use of non-renewable natural resources
Global transportation of manufactured components
Eventual disposal by individuals, organizations, and governments What we are going to do: 1. Produce computers that utilize recyclable materials: Talk to our developers and have them start to produce a prototype of a computer which:
Is produced with recyclable materials
More easily repaired and replaced computer parts, especially the CPU. Technicians would be able to easily open the computer and replace the CPU, RAM, and other parts, diminishing the cost necessary to make or buy a whole new model with minor improvements.
Batteries last longer and it takes less energy to charge them (preferably completely solar-powered)
In the meantime replace materials needed to produce our computers by recyclable equivalents 2. Produce computers that last for long periods of time: Replace the materials used in the production of our computers by stronger, more durable but still recyclable ones
Pieces inside the computer are easily repaired and replaced (CPU, RAM and others) 3. Set-up a recycling project for old products: Buy an inexpensive locale to house the recycling plant
10,000 to 20,000 dollars
Located in Memphis, Tennessee (it has one of the cheapest real-estate market and living costs in the US) as the rest of the assembly-line and piece production companies
Contact professionals in the recycling technology area and hire one to run the plant (Look more into this)
Hire employees to work on the plant
Advertise such venture as to warn the customer of this new development and have them turn in their computers to us for recycling instead of dispensing of them in a careless manner
This should be done after 8 months of the beginning of the project when the facility is almost complete and we are ready to commence the project 4. Set-up a production-line restricted to one country or state only: Buy property in Memphis, Tennessee or the surrounding area
Sell our previous facilities to fund such endeavor
Transfer as many workers as possible and if still more are necessary, hire more locally
If not able to completely move our facilities, more green modes of transportation will be adopted such as boats and/or trains depending on our necessities 5. Acquire sufficient renewable energy to supply all our facilities: Contact companies to help us acquire the necessary elements to put this goal into place, such as
Locally based Greentech Renewable Energy RE Motivation Our motivation is to make the world better for the next generations by providing exponential technological improvement and at the same time, protecting our environment. We want to find ways to make and develop new computers and technologies constantly but at the same time accessible for our customer and with the least impact to the environment. Expected Results Rationale Facilities Resources Project Management: Will be located in Memphis, Tennessee, which has one of the US living cost and one the cheapest real estate markets Contact Rose Marie Holsing whose company helps people and other companies transition into solar energy
get public support to develop even more solutions to the issue
inform people about the recyclable part of the devices.
look for support and funds from the government and corporations (sponsors)
Tennessee Valley Authority
Wind Energy Systems privileges.
external donations or investment. Chief Executive Officer
Bill Gates: Former Microsoft CEO.
Information and Technology director
Sergey Brain: Google's Co-founder
Public Relations Manager
Edwin R. Mellett: Former Coca-cola's marketing director EVALUATION exponential industrial expansion without taking in consideration our limited resources and the environment
we have been vastly using non-renewable resources, which is extremely harmful to our habitat.
Our project may not solve the problem, but it will surely encourage people to reflect and recognize that there is only one Planet Earth and it is slowly dying.
This project focuses on only one small part of the problem, which is the e-waste.
We will prove that it is possible to be green, successful and provide customers with quality and durable products all at the same time.

“Poor is the man who has only money” supported by sponsors, the reapplication of profit (non-profit organization) and donors that would be willing to help on the issue.
These investors will be monthly updated with the outcome and the results of the project.
the company will keep a department made of industrial engineers, will focus on the line of production that will lead to a better result in a healthy method for the workers. Difficulties As the devices are long lasting, profit would not be so high and the money to reapply on the production of other devices would be limited.
A solution to this problem would be the creation of department specialized on the fixing of broken pieces, and this the department would guarantee money to the project. Also, we are planning on moving all our facilities to Tennessee
we will move gradually as our monetary contractions allow. In regard to personnel we will bring all who are willing to move and hire extras monetarily. Another issue would be the prices of the devices, as this project focuses on developing good devices that would contain high quality material, the prices would be higher than usual.
the widespread idea that the although the devices are more expensive, they will last longer The project proposes concrete and feasible solutions such as long lasting devices and recycling programs that will be supported and sponsored by institutions. The world is degraded and it is the duty of all to restore the world in which humanity lives, the human species owes the world a better treatment. " " Computers:
60% recyclable materials
Flexible and backward compatible
71% decrease in production costs
80% when they want our new model
Our energy will be provided by renewable means
After 2 years 90% of our facilities will be located in Tennessee, - 45% decrease in transportation costs and 34% decrease of our carbon foot print Conclusion We expect our sales of devices to increase immensely at first due to the propaganda of durable and green devices
Our sales of new pieces and reparation will probably take over our income and become our main source of profit.
We expect other companies to follow a similar path and be an example to them as to what green companies can accomplish
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