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Rabiha Elech

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Drought

By: Rabiha Drought What is drought? Causes of droughts Impacts of drought in Australia Response to drought in Australia Drought is the deficiency precipitation over an extended period, resulting in a water shortage causing adverse impacts on vegetation, animals and or people. Federal Government
The federal government plays an important role because they provide millions of dollars to help the people in need.Drought relief can assist individuals affected by the drought. The Australian government also assists drought-affected farmers and rural communities through employment services, person and financial counseling, income support and interest rate relief.

State government
The State and local government create water restrictions and fines for those who do not follow the rules. This is done so that water can be conserved as it is not an infinite resource.

Local governments
Local governments provide a variety of public works and services such as health and welfare to drought affected communities.

Community groups have the local knowledge and expertise to effectively run projects, such as Landcare.

Individuals also play a significant role in response to drought. Many individuals experiencing drought in Australia have been very positive in taking advice from authorities on how best to manage their farms during times of drought. Droughts are caused by lack of rain over a long period of time.

El Nino, which affects the ocean's water temperature, also has an impact on precipitation levels because in years when the temperature cycle is present, it can shift the air masses above the ocean, often making wet places dry and dry places wet.

Also ,deforestation,agriculture and building combined with erosion can also cause droughts. Case study on the Australian Drought

From 1995-2009 Australia experienced the worst drought since settlement. Dubbed “2000′s Drought” this drought was first felt when Australia hit the record low.This made the government implement water restrictions.

As water levels dropped,soaring temperatures and slashed crop levels were terrorizing the nation Australia’s food supply were only a small problem. Sydney’s water supply became 40% full and Sydney started to give out extra- ordinary fines out to any body who went against their water consumption regulations.

These were among the result of John Howard’s loss at the Election: Refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol and his handling of the drought according to the Guardian Newspaper. And not only that,scientists did forecast El Nino ( the weather pattern that caused the drought ) is going to worsen because of climate change and who knows another drought could be on it’s way. Areas where droughts happen in Autralia Droughts can occur anywhere in Australia. They most commonly occur in areas away from the coast, but each of Australia's states and/or territories are subject to drought conditions. South Australia is the driest state, and droughts are frequent and prolonged in that state, but the central western regions of Queensland, New South wales and Victoria are also subjected to terrible droughts. Bibliography:
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