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third eye blind

all about 3EB

gallo tristin

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of third eye blind

Double click anywhere & add an idea THIRD EYE BLIND ALBUMS Ursa Major Red Star Blue Out Of The Vein A Collection Red SONGS 1."Can You Take Me"
2."Don't Belive A word"
4."Sharp Knife"
5."One in ten"
6."About to break"
7."Summer Town"
8."Why Can't You Be"
9."Water landing"
10."Dao of Saint. Paul
11."Monotov's Private Opera"
12."Carnival Barker" SONGS 1. "Anything"
2. "Wounded"
3. "10 Days Late"
4. "Never Let You Go"
5. "Deep Inside of You"
6. "1000 Julys"
7. "An Ode to Maybe"
8. "The Red Summer Sun"
9. "Camouflage"
10. "Farther"
11. "Darkness"
12. "Darwin"
13. "Slow Motion"

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