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Sarah Nguyen

on 8 October 2015

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Transcript of Theme

Literary Theme
Insight proven by work of literature
Different from the moral of the story
Indirectly stated
There are two different types of themes

Definition of Theme
Find the topic first
Way conflict is resolved
Title of a work
How the protagonist changes
Social classes may distinguish the opportunities and experiences of children.
Theme Activity
Universal Theme

Maya Richardson
Ricardo Ramirez
Dennise Mercado
Sarah Nguyen
Period 6
September 17, 2015
Everyday Use
Being true to one's roots (heritage) and beliefs is crucial.
The influence of religion on political matters may the cause for many conflicts.
Theme Activity Answer
Applies to a specific work
Expressed in a sentence
Multiple themes possible for a piece
This theme applies to all people.
Found in many works.
Can be about relationship of men and women.
The idea the writer wishes to convey
Examples of Literary Theme
Farewell to Manzanar

Example of Universal Theme
Hardship and separation can break friendships as well as families.
Bless Me Ultima
The ability think for yourself is very important.
Common universal theme:
Love conquers all.

literary theme
universal theme
specfic to that piece of
How does Marji (the protagonist) change througout the novel?
What are some significant reoccurring scenes?
What is the generalization about life that the story is trying to tell us?
What are the steps to find theme?
What is the difference between Univeral theme and Literary theme?
What is a common Universal Theme?
1. See how the protagonist changes
2. Look at the title
3. Look at how the conflict is resolved
4. Formulate what you found in a complete sentence
Universal theme is mainly focused on something that everybody can relate to, but literary theme only applies a specific work
A common universal theme is family is an important aspect of life or love conquers all.
As Marji becomes more grown up as she begins to realize the violence that occurs in modern day society. She also realizes that people will not hesitate to kill others if they want to prove a point. Her level of maturity advances quickly.
The demonstations that occur are a big deal for Marji. For example, Marji goes to a demonstration with her parents and she sees someone getting stabbed. Another example of violence occured when her neighbor's house was bombed.
Although struggling and striving to understand new topics is necessary for growing up, violence accelerates this process and causes children to grow up too fast.
applies to all people everywhere
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