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Progressive Presidents (compare & contrast

No description

Andriana M

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of Progressive Presidents (compare & contrast

Progresive Presidents Roosevelt Taft Wilson 1)He was elected in the election of 1912 because while Progressives and Republicans battled Democrats voted Wilson. 2) Wilson called his program "New Freedom". 1) In 1912 r00sevelt was disapointed in taft. 2) First environmental president . 3) When roosevelt ran for president in 1904 he promised the people for a square deal. 3)When Wilson was asked about his health he thumped his cheast and said he feels as strong as a bull moose then on the progressive party was known as the Bull Moose Party. 1)Taft supported The 16 Amendent . 2) Taft disapointed his progressives. 3) During elections Taft easily deafeted William Bryan. 4) Taft did not fight for lower tarrifs and made progressives disapointed. 5) When Taft was running in the elcetion he went beyond Roosevlts policies. Taft & Wilson. Were both progressive republican presidents. Roosevelt and Wilson. Were both Progressive Presidents that majority of peolple liked. 4) Roosevelt had 1 term as president after William Mckinley was assassinated. 5) Supported Trust busting. 6) Roosevelt was nicknamed "trust buster". A Roosevelt, Taft & Wilson. All cared for enviroment. All of them supported Big Business Thanks For watching my fist Prezi hope you enjoyed it!!!=) Theadore Roosevelt Taft Wilson
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