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Basic Cooking Method

No description

Wisnu Wicaksono

on 12 December 2012

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Transcript of Basic Cooking Method

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli By Wisnu Wicaksono Basic Cooking Method Cooking Cooking is the process of preparing food, often with the use of heat.
Types of Cooking Dry Heat Cooking Method
Moist Heat cooking Method
Cooking by Fat Dry Heat Cooking Method Dry heat cooking method is separated into these part Moist Heat Cooking Method kind of
moist heat cooking method
around here Cooking by Fat cooking by fat Thank You For
Watching My Presentation Baking : Baking use hot air to transfer heat to food and can yield a wide variety of results depending on the temperature, rack position, and type of baking sheet or dish being used. Dry Heat Cooking Method Broiling : Broiling is a cooking method very similar to grilling that can be achieved in the oven. Broiling consists of placing food very close to an intense heat source for quick cooking at a very high temperature. Dry Heat Cooking Method Grilling : Just as with broiling, grilling involves exposing food to a very intense heat source for a short amount of time. Unlike broiling, the heat source is below the food rather than above. Dry Heat Cooking Method Roasting : Roasting is a similar to baking but the term is usually reserved for meat and poultry. Dry Heat Cooking Method Searing : Technique that used in grilling, boiling, roasting, etc in which the surface of the food (usually meat, poultry, or fish) is cooked at high temperature so a caramelized crust forms. Dry Heat Cooking Method Au Gratin : In the culinary arts, the term au gratin refers to a dish that is baked with a topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese Dry Heat Cooking Method Griddle : Griddle has the same way of cooking like grill but the equipment have flat surface not like griller which have marker surface. Dry Heat Cooking Method Blanching : Blanching involves dropping food into boiling water briefly and then immediately stop the cooking process by soaking the food into ice water. Moist Heat Cooking Method Boiling : At sea level, water boils at 212° F. Boiling water has large, vigorous bubbles, which can damage delicate foods Moist Heat Cooking Method Braising : Braising is a combination cooking method using both moist and dry heat; typically the food is first seared at a high temperature and then finished in a covered pot with a variable amount of liquid, resulting in a particular flavor. Moist Heat Cooking Method Poaching : Partially or fully soaking food into water or another liquid that has reached 160-180° F is called poaching Moist Heat Cooking Method Steaming : Steaming is considered a healthy cooking technique and capable of cooking almost all kinds of food. Steaming involves the transfer of heat through vaporized water or other liquids. Moist Heat Cooking Method Stewing : Stew is a combination of solid food ingredients that have been cooked in liquid and served in resultant gravy. Moist Heat Cooking Method Sautéing : A cooking method that uses a small amount of oil or fat in a pan over high heat. Cooking by Fat Pan Frying : Pan fry is cooking method that uses a medium amount of fat or as same as the ingredients height, some food with this technique are breaded or floured before cook. Cooking by Fat Deep Fat Frying : A cooking method that uses a large amount of fat or until the ingredients drowned in the oil. Cooking by Fat
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