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No description

JaShon Brown

on 3 May 2017

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Transcript of BATH

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Stimulant Drug
Bath salts is for sure not used for any medical use what so ever. But , it is made from a Khat which is a hallucinogenic plant found in Eastern Africa. The first ever recorded use of Bath salts was back in the early 1920's. The reason why it was invented was a group of people were trying to make "legal high" drug. Clearly that didn't work out.
What effect do Bath salts have on you?
Bath salts first make you feel really hot! No matter what the weather is! There was a man back in 2004 who was seen running outside naked mid way through winter! Not just that but it makes you hallucinate extremely hard. As sad as this may sound a woman on bath salts bit off the face of a newborn!

How is Bathsalts taken?
Bathsalts look actual salt in a way. Lots of people describe the feeling of bath salts as a sandy kind of feeling.
- Eaten
There was a man who had his face bit off by a dude who was on bath salts!
- Brain Swelling
- Increased heart rate/ blood pressure.
-Over excitement!
-Unreasonable distress of others.
- Bath salts make you have extreme panic attacks!
Effects of Bath salts!

How to quit bath salts / bath salt stories
Facts on bath salts

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