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5 senses

No description

Lisa Seldeen

on 3 October 2016

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Transcript of 5 senses

help us understand the world around us
What are the five senses?
3. Touch/Feel
Isn't that the worst!!
1. Sight
What shapes do you see?
What colors do you see?
Who do you see in this picture?
What is bright? What is dark?
It blocked your...
What do you use to see all these different things?
2. Hear/Listen
sounds can be loud, soft, high, or low pitch
5. Taste
What do you like to eat? Does it taste...
classify what sounds you hear?
4. Smell
What do we use to smell?
What smells do you like?
Some can smell good like...
What is an observation?
is paying close attention to something to get information
What do you use to observe something?
like a barking dog
or smelly socks
or bright stars
or hot soup..ouch!
or sour lemon!!
when scientists observe, they use their...
some can smell bad!
But we can't can't eat in a science lab!! It is unsafe!! :(
your eyes
your eyes are like a camera
your eyes take pictures of the world around you..
and send the pictures to your brain
then back to your eyes
now let's use our eyes to observe and play I SPY
Stack the blocks...
could you do it? Why or Why not?
what did the blindfold do?
you use your eyes to...
see shapes...
see colors...
see objects, animals, & people
see shades...
are they warning sounds, animal sounds, or nature sounds
what did you use to hear all those sounds?
Let's practice using our ears to hear
how do your ears work?
the sense of touch also acts as a warning
tells us if something is too hot
or if something hurts
or if something is itchy
touch even tells us something feels good
how does your nose work?
you hear/listen to sounds...
when you touch something you can feel...
how does feeling work?
Our Noses
scientists study and observe the world around us
Hint: what do they study?
all things have a different scents
all things have different scents
I smell a...
why is the scent of smell so important?
Smells alert us if there is danger
like a fire
or rotten food
so let's practice observing different smells
recognizing different smells helps us discover new things and keep us safe
Do Now: What is a scientist?
what do you see?
Is a rock hard or soft?
smooth or rough?
can you guess the next sense?
How do your taste buds work?
Your tongue has taste buds
except for today!!
what do we use to taste?
Our Tongues!
taste buds are "flavor catchers"
they catch the flavor
then send it to the brain
So let's review...
Now let's use our knowledge of observing with ALL of our 5 senses to observe an activity in our class
all of your senses send signals to your...
I feel like this...
what is happening in this picture?
like cotton balls
like a popsicle stick
like wax paper
when things are rough fall and scrap your knee...ouch!
like sand paper
like pasta
Let's test our sense of touch!
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