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Composition in Photography

A brief description of the different rules and principles of Composition.

Omar Ahmad

on 27 October 2011

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Transcript of Composition in Photography

Composition Composition is a very important part of photography. Understanding compostion can help you create better
photos with more detail and greater depth. Most of the Priciples are more or less the same but each
needs to be applied to your photographs for them
to really apeal to your viewers. So shall we get started..... The first thing you need to have in your photos would be SIMPLICITY. It just means to create pictures that dont have distracting background or things that your subject can blend into. Keep it simple. This way, your subject is more noticible to your audience. CAMERA ANGLES are also an important part of
photography. Taking a picture from a different perspective changes the point of view and affects how a viewer looks at it. Another principle used by professional photographers is the RULE OF THIRDS. It is basically the use of a grid to maximize the effect of an important scene in the specific picture. Make the subject appear along one of the side columns of the grid. This helps with the composition. BACKGROUNDS are an aspect in your pictures that you need to master. A very important principle in photography. They can be used to direct the focus of the viewer to the subject in the photo. A GOLDEN TRIANGLE is somewhat of a mixture of the Rule of Thirds and the Diagonals. It is the use of the grid and diagonal lines together to have certain aspects of the photo in the right places. As for LANDSCAPES, just keep the background clear of distractions to make your subject more noticeable in the picture. A picture always looks better if its framed. FRAMING means to use objects in the background to enclose the point of interest and frame it to draw the attention of the viewer. BALANCE: Affects the picture by having two sides of that specific photo and making them complete opposites of each other. Also the presence of natural geometrical shapes in photos to have better composition. To make a viewer really understand your work, you need LINES. Lines affect the way a person views a photo and cause the person to go across the line and journey through the scene. Lastly, i'm going to talk about designs.DESIGN basically means to create illusions and enhance the main focus of the image using color, structure and shade. Thanks for Watching.....If you have any questions, just comment on my site.

Good Bye!
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