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Militarism in the Present Day

Project for school

Jason Hoehn

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Militarism in the Present Day

Militarism in the Present Day One of the most militaristic countries in the world today is the United States. Even with the current recession the USA had a military budget of $740,800,000,000 last year! People today know that the USA focuses on
Military, because they are always ready to
fight a war. There are two current examples
of this happening right now. The war in Iraq
and the war that has just started in Libya. It seems that the USA is always the country that is trying to help other nations. Although this is good, our first priority should be American Citizens The USA promotes its army every day on the internet and television to American Citizens. In 2010 the USA designed a close range grenade launcher that has a special scope that uses infrared technology to see enemies through walls. Without millions of dollars for research and development, the USA would never have been able to create this weapon. If the USA continues on this militaristic path, we will not just be hurting ourselves, but the entire world. Every time we step into a country and try to help, they begin to dislike America because of the havoc we wreak in their country. As long as the USA stops helping other nations as often as they do, the country will not spark a WWIII.
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