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The Moose and the Sparrow

No description

Jasmine Puthoor

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Moose and the Sparrow

The Moose and the Sparrow
Written By: Hugh Garner

Literacy Device
The Way out
The Moose and the Sparrow - Written by Hugh Garner

The story is about a boy in college named Cecil and is bullied by Moose Maddon.

Cecil works as a lumberjack at a logging camp but only because he has to pay his college tuition fee. Moose Maddon in the other hand is one of the bosses at this logging camp. The other workers at the logging camp notice Cecil’s differences and began to joke on him. They never understood why Cecil wants to study law so they continue bullying him but one didn’t stop he was Moose Maddon. Each day these jokes became worse and escalated but Cecil couldn’t do anything. He had to sit around until school starts. Luckily one of the supervisors named Mr Anderson noticed him and tries to motivate him. He explained to Cecil that Moose is just bullying him because he knows that he is better than him. A week later the usual continues Moose bullies Cecil. But this time things got out of hand when Moose were burning Cecil’s hand. It was time for Cecil to return back home but something odd happened that same day. People have found Moose Maddons body lying below the deep narrow ravine just outside the camp. No one really was aware what had happened. Other than Mr Anderson who figures this wasn’t an accident but someone was behind this.

Cecil goes to Logging Camp for the summer to pay off his tuition fee for University "U.B.C"
First Conflict
Moose Maddon is intimidated and jealous of Cecils intelligence and accomplishments. Therefore Cecil is his ultimate target to pick on through out Logging Camp.
Rising Action
The saw boss Moose Maddon and the other workers made jokes and picked on Cecil for his differences as the new guy.

They play unkind jokes and pranks on him such as

Carrying him on the mattress and throwing him in the river
Moose painted a mustache using tar on him
Moose as the higher authority would command Cecil to do difficult tasks and if he did not do them in a rapid pace he would insult him

These pranks escalated and narrowed down to only Moose being behind them
The Moose and the Sparrow
Moose took things too far this time. Madden's men explain to Mr Anderson 'he burned the kids hand'. 'He heated the end of a saw in the tea fire and told the kid to take it to be sharpened'. He handed the hot end to Cecil and it burned his hand pretty bad.
Falling Action
Summer camp is almost done and Cecil is ready to return home and eager to get away from this misery. In the other hand Moose goes out feeling probably sad to go back to his unpleasant life and returns back drunk and miserable .
Logging Camp is nearly over
Moose Maddons body is found lying in the near ravine. His death was declared a tragic accident but nobody really knew what happened. Other than Mr Anderson who investigates and later discovers that there had been wire placed across the hole tied from one tree to the other. It had to be Cecil but no one seemed to care that Moose was gone. Cecil showed no emotion when he saw Maddons body.
Cecil - The protagonist who is 19 years old of age. His parents divorced when he was at a young age. He grew up in several foster homes. A freshman at College and a victim of bullying through out the story.

Main Characters

Moose Maddon- The antagonist who was a man a bit older than Cecil. He was the ideal Bully. He probably dropped out of high school that's why he picks on those who are smarter than him. A Might have had a rough childhood which made him become a bully
Other Characters
Mr. Anderson (POP) - The Narrator of this short story. His character was the supervisor at the Logging Camp. He motivates and encourages Cecil through out this story.
The story mainly takes place at the Logging Camp at British Columbia, Canada.

Some other minor settings that took place are

Cecils bedroom
Camp three
The Ravine
Tool house
During Summer Holidays
Fearful : We fear for Cecil because we know that he is being constantly picked on by Moose. Throughout the story we don’t know what is going to happen to him or what Moose will do to him.

Suspenseful: Throughout the story Cecil is saying how he is not able to handle Moose anymore and that he thinks Moose will kill him. This causes a suspenseful mood in the story because the readers are on edge about what can come next.

Depressing: Reading about how much cecil gets picked on by Moose and his gang can really cause a depressing mood to readers, because nothing is being done in order to help Cecil and feel sympathetic towards him.
Person vs. person : Moose bullying Cecil

Person vs Self: Cecil worries about what could happen to him and if he should stay at camp or not.

Person vs. person: Moose Maddon dies and Cecil is one of the suspects.

Person vs. society: People see Cecil as someone who is weak and easy to pick on when he is actually a bright student and is very talented at making art with wire.

If you push people around enough, even the nicest people can do evil things.

The first example of a poetic device is a


when he said: “He jumped as if I'd prodded him with a peavey,…”
“… who had been as sure-footed as a chipmunk."


The Moose and the Sparrow is about bullying. In the story Moose Maddon dies in an unusual way and Cecil the victim survives. The situational irony in the story was the most physically strong character dies (lying dead in the ravine) .While the physically weak one lives and isn’t suspected at all. Who would ever think weak Cecil would fight back hard enough to kill his predator Moose. But in the end no one ever cared that Moose was gone.


A clue or future event indication told in the story The Moose and the Sparrow would be “Cecil says he only needs 25 feet of rope”. Cecil could be indicating he needs 25 feet of rope to murder Maddon. Evidence shows that there had been wire placed across the hole tied from one tree to the other. Its possible the 25 feet rope cold have been used instead of a wire to tie on from one tree to the other.

Lefevre - Moose Maddons close friend also known as his cohort at Logging Camp. In the beginning he helped out Moose with the pranks on Cecil.
Amanda Wray
Alexandra Batista
Jasmine Puthoor

Kowsiya Jeganathan
Thank you for patiently watching this presentation (:
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