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Roadmap through the FFA Manual

No description

Arthur Faria

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Roadmap through the FFA Manual

Road map through the FFA Manual
First things First
Write your name on the inside cover of your Manual
FFA History
Tells how the FFA became founded

Shows the past national presidents

History of the NFA (New Farmers of America)

Historical timeline of events

FFA membership by states
FFA Traditions
The most important chapter in the manual
FFA Ceremonies
Opening and closing ceremony
FFA Programs and Activities
Important for you to know because......
Also on the outside border of the pages, contains the title of the chapter you are on.
Turn to the Table of Contents and all the chapter headings are in light blue.
Code of Ethics
FFA Degrees
- Greenhand Degree
-Instructs how to open and close a meeting
Installing of new officers
Other types of ceremonies
-Degree ceremonies
-Honorary Membership
Important for you to know because......
Opening and closing contest, Knowing how to open and close a meeting.
Important for you to know because......
B.IG. Contest, Knowledge of degrees, Leadership
Important for you to know because......
Know how the FFA came to be, B.I.G Contest
This is the most important book you have as a Greenhand Member.
Chapter Operations
Important for you to know because.....
Essentials for being a succesful Chapter
Know how to set up a meeting room
Arranging the meeting room
Parliamentary Procedure
-Summary of parliamentary motions
Know how to set up a meeting
Parliamentary Procedure Contest
Community service oppertunities
New Horizons magazine
Leadership Conferences
-State and national coventions
Leadership opportunities
Community service
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