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Prezi Tutorial

No description

Candice Blazejak

on 13 July 2014

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Transcript of Prezi Tutorial

Prezi Tutorial
Prezi allows you to choose from many different themes in order to customize your presentation. Click on the customize tab at the top of the Prezi tutorial to access these themes.
What is Prezi?
You Tube
Insert Image
Inserting Items into a
Prezi presentation
Uploading offline files (pdf, word
Music and Voice over
Symbols & Shapes
Music and Voice over
Uploading offline files
Creating a Prezi
What is Prezi?
Why use Prezi?
Starting with Prezi
Libraries and Archives
Creating a Prezi Presentation

Prezi online can be run on any internet browser, Internet Explorer 9 and above, Mozilla Firefox 3 and above, Google Chrome, Safari. Providing that you have Flash version 11.1 which is required to run the software.

Once you have these requirements you will need to visit, https://prezi.com to sign up for an account. There are three options for regular users Public (Free account) Enjoy (Paid), Pro (Paid) and Teams (Paid). If you are a student or teacher your options will be Edu enjoy, Edu Pro and Edu Teams. The following two frames show screen shots of what you will see.
Starting with Prezi
Why use Prezi?
Prezi is an online presentation software, it allows user to be more creative with how they wish to present their ideas to an audience. Using the zoom feature users can zip through "frames" and inform their audiences in a more creative fashion then Microsoft's Power Point.

Prezi is an alternative to Power Point. With prezi you can be more creative in your designs. This software can be used by anyone and only needs internet capabilities to run. Navigating the software may be difficult by someone who is a neophyte, but the tutorials available from Prezi will help in your transition.
Educational Accounts
Customizing your
Prezi presentation
Background image
Theme Wizard
Background Image
Theme Wizard
Diamond, Stephanie. Prezi for Dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley Publishing, 2010.

van Groenendaal, Hedwyg. Prezi HOTSHOT. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing, 2014. Digital file.

Ladores, Minerva M. Instant Prezi Starter. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing, 2013.

Williams, Russell. Mastering Prezi for Business Presentations. Birmingham, UK: Packt Publishing, 2012.

"Official Prezi Tutorials." Video file. YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/user/PreziVideoChannel.

To continue learning Prezi you may want to consult the following resources:
Libraries and Archives
Librarians need to learn this technology in order to help patrons who may be trying to use the program. Prezi is starting to become an alternative to Microsoft Power Point in an academic, public and business setting. As librarians we must keep up with new technology in order to aid others.

Archivists will be able to use prezi to present archival collections and other resources. With being able to upload pdfs we can impose finding aids into our presentations. While delivering a presentation on collections needing to be digitized we can reference their finding aids in the same presentation.
Basic Accounts
In order to navigate through the presentation use your arrow keys. To see images closer double click on the image. Enjoy.
Symbols and Shapes
Going under the insert tab you can access the symbols and shapes styles. Once there you can choose from: Simple Dark, Simple White, Photographic, Sketched, Cute, Etched, Stickers and Shapes. These images can add to your overall presentation.
Music can be inserted by going into the insert tab and selecting add background music. The voice over option can also be inserted by selecting add voice-over, just below the music option.
Images are inserted by selecting the insert tab and selecting image.
Uploading files from your desktop is easy. Click on the insert tab and select from file, once there upload a document from your desktop.
You Tube videos can be uploaded
to your Prezi by going to
the insert tab and
selecting YouTube video.
Make sure you have the url.
Background images can be uploaded by going to the customize tab, and uploading images from your desktop.
Theme Wizard is an advanced tool where the user can edit their prezi in detail. Users can access the wizard by going to the customize tab and clicking advanced at the bottom of the window.
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