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Clay and Biomass

No description

Luke Welsh

on 4 February 2016

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Transcript of Clay and Biomass

Clay and Biomass
Clay is small pieces of weathered rock that is mined then cleaned and turned into clay products.
Products made up of clay include bricks, wall and floor tiles, medicine, pottery,and more.
Reason clay's non-renewable
It takes to long to form but has no major effects on the environment.
Biomass' process to energy
Clay's process to products
Clay's products
Biomass' products
Biomass creates electricity to power many different things including lights, computers, toasters,
Biomass is burned to heat water, turning a steam turbine to create energy.
Thank You
science.howstuffworks.com/ dictionary/petrology-terms/clay-info.htm

By Gabe Jauch, Zack Schulte, and Luke Welsh
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