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Bhangra Dance

No description

Amanat Gill

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Bhangra Dance

Bhangra Dance
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The actual dance!
-Bhangra orginated in the Punjab region of Southwest Asia. It all basically began in India.

-Bhangra has existed for as long as 300 BC.

-The farmers that worked in the field would often sing and dance about village life as a form of distraction.

-Later on the dances they did became used in festivals, weddings, parties and other important occasions and then bhangra was born.
1300-1400: When Bhangra began.

1900's: The golden age of Bhangra, when it started to get known and become popular.

1959: Bhangra was being featured in films.

1990's: When other countries started getting interested about Bhangra.

2000-2013: When Bhangra started appearing on shows like The X Factor, Americas Got Talent, and etc.
- Historians believe that Bhangra began when there were wars with Alexander the great.

- The largest Bhangra dance ever, included over 2,000 people.

- Typically the outfits of Bhangra are very colorful.

- Bhangra is rarely done as a solo.

- Bhangra music is usually mixed with hip-hop, house, and reggea.

Interesting facts
-Bhangra is significant to Punjabi people all over the world because it symbolizes there imagination, talent and potential.

-The influence of Bhangra can clearly be seen today in the world of Bollywood.

-Some universities have even started hosting Bhangra dance competitions.
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