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Deforestation in The Amazon Rain Forest

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carys v

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of Deforestation in The Amazon Rain Forest

Deforestation in The Amazon Rain Forest
The Amazon Rain Forest is in Brazil. When they have people cut and or burn down the trees, they are also taking away the habit for the animals that live there. A lot of animals and insects are becoming extinct because their homes are being taken away. Deforestation is also bad because is contributes to climate change. There is less trees to clean the air from carbon dioxide to clean oxygen, which is not good. Deforestation contributes to many bad
environmental issues.
- the Amazon rain forest is the largest rain forest in the world

-the destruction of forests causes between 6 and 12% of carbon dioxide emissions world wide

-deforestation is one of the main reasons we have climate change

-deforestation causes soil erosion which isn't good for plants and animals
Pictures of Deforestation
What is deforestation?
Deforestation is when in a forest trees
and plants are being burned and or
cut down. Deforestation happens all around the world.
Websites I used...
How can Canada and the world
help decrease deforestation in the Amazon while allowing the world to still use its resources?
Why is it important for Canada to be involved?
It is important for Canada to be involved because Canada is a developed country and in some cases a world leader. We can help people in the world learn to use renewable resources. Canada uses many resources that come from other countries because the product might be cheaper. One of the countries is Brazil. In Brazil the wood they sell is not just from the Amazon. Canadian
citizens can also encourage others to use renewable resources.
Canada can help decrease deforestation in the Amazon while allowing the world to have its resources in a couple of ways.
-Canada can help by finding other sources of food other than beef, because in Brazil they are burning the trees to make land for cattle.
- Also Canada can help encourage people to eat less red meat . If we can do that than maybe cattle won't be worth such high prices and the trees wont be burnt down for land.
-Canada can also help educate people on how important forests really are, and the dangers of deforestation.

www.wikipedia.org OR wikipedia.org/wiki/Deforestation_in_Brazil

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