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No description

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of Superheros

The World of Superheroes
To what extent has the tone of superheroes changed?
Superheroes have changed greatly from the early 30s to today the dark knight or the cape crusader has had major makeover.

To what extent has the tone of superheroes changed?
Superheroes use to be about comic relief and enjoying the show and getting away from everyday problems
Batman and Superman use to be seen in a light manner, now they are haunted by there past and exploring deeper and meaningful themes and ideas
By most definitions, characters do not strictly require actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes.
Quick Overview

First Superhero was created in 1929
Today's text include:
The Dark Knight Rises
The Man of Steel
In the superhero franchise
there are two main companies Marvel and DC.
To what extent has the tone of superheroes changed?

The spandex tights, gone
Ridiculous vehicle names, gone
Cheesy catch-phrase's, gone

Although I wish they were gone, capes are still here
Superhero Facts

Ironman was created based off a dare

Wolverine was nearly called the Badger

The Hulk was suppose to be gay

Wonder Women was created as a feminist idea
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