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Zespół Szkolno- Przedszkolny w Wieliczkach

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Elżbieta Karaś

on 21 October 2017

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Transcript of Zespół Szkolno- Przedszkolny w Wieliczkach

Zespół Szkolno-Przedszkolny
in Wieliczki

Poland is one of the largest countries in Europe, with broad access to the Baltic Sea, is the middle of the European continent on the crossroads between West and East.
Warsaw is capital city of Poland. It’s beautiful and large town. Warsaw’s emblem is Mermaid.
We live in Masurian Lake District.
The school is located in a picturesque area.
The region is famous for its beautiful lakes and forests and it’s known as “a land of a thousand lakes”. Each year the region is a popular destination among tourists.

The village was set up in 1540 and over the years the population of Wieliczki has risen to about 730 residents. There is a historic wooden church built in 1676.
In 2001 (in two thousand and one) a new comprehensive school building was put to use in Wieliczki, housing a gym hall equipped with appropriate facilities – cloak rooms, showers and equipment. The building accommodates 8 classrooms, including language and computer labs.
The school building is modern and well-equipped in all the students need to develop their skills and creativity.
The school offers courses in three foreign languages, WiFi, a wide range of books in the library, hot meals in the canteen and, above all, friendly atmosphere. Apart from these, we’ve got a professional football pitch with needed equipment. Students can also play table tennis or chess in their free time after school.
Extra activities
Free time activities
•table tennis
•Chemistry extra classes
•School European Club
•free internet
and Collaboration
• Erasmus+
• Nowoczesna Edukacja w Gminie Wieliczki
•Comenius (Lifelong Learning
•eTwinning (School partnership in Europe)
•SzOK (School Career Centre)
•Hand in hand with Einstein
•Pedagogical Centre and School Together

Participation in these projects gives the possibility to acquire new methods of work, meet and exchange experience with colleagues from other schools,
as well as to visit foreign countries.

-Teacher’s Day
-School Day
-Independence Day
-Saint Nicolas Day
-Constitution Day
-Spring Day Party
-Valentine’s Day
-Family Party (on Children’s Day)
-Music and Poetry Competition
-Earth’s Day
-trips and tours
-sport activities and tournaments
Every year in June we have a high school prom. Our high school graduates dance traditional „Polonez’’. Girls usually wears beautiful dresses. The atmosphere is solemn. After that usually youth have a disco party.
High School Prom
What's going on?
Family Festival
Every year on July is family party usually celebrated on Children’s Day. There are children’s performances and many attractions: funny competitions, tennis and football games, barbecue , springboards…
Our school scored the III prize in eTwinning competition for the best project in Poland. The topic : ” Woods and forest: a source of and a resource for life”.Our project was presented in Poland and in international conference in Bucharest.
Our adress:
Publiczne Gimnazjum
im. Jana Pawła II
ul. Lipowa 10a
19-404 Wieliczki

+48 875214044



Feel free to contact us!
First grade oath
Students oath to school
After the ceremony
Initiation ceremonies
There are
also competitions
Poetry and Song
competitions of John Paul II
Art exhibitions
Sport tournaments
Trying to find jelly on the plate of flour without using hands
Walk in Rospuda Valley
Meeting in Bucharest
Quizzes and Puzzles
Trip to Gniew Castle
(project Hand in hand with Einstein)
Trip to Bialowieza National Park
Thanks for watching!
Language Lab :)
Our mobilities
Portugal - Porto
Scotland - Edinburgh parliament
Belgium- Brussels
Estonia - Saarema Island
Italy - Apuglia
Finland - Pirkkala
Germany - Geislingen
Poland- Wieliczki
Nice canoeing trips in Czarna Hancza Valley, Rospuda river, Biebrza river
and other rivers in our region
Trip to Alcarras

Mobility of teachers
Sesimbra and Lisbon
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