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Cruise Tourism

No description

Jane Kosasih

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Cruise Tourism

Caribbean Cruise tourism

jane winona kosasih - 43309773

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Cruise Tourism Information
A modern tourism activity

First cruise was departing in 1970s from Miami to Caribbean

Fastest growing segment in tourism industry

approximately 7% annual growth
Caribbean Cruise Tourism Information
FCCA nominates Caribbean as the most popular cruise destination

Over 10 million cruise passengers arrive in Caribbean annually

Popular for their pristine beaches and reef
Key Issues
Cruise Corporations are the only stakeholders that get a maximum benefit :
Does not contribute much to economic of host communities

Water streams and solid wastes issues :
health problem and marine life

Cruise Corporations
Host communities
Cruise Passengers (tourists)
Cruise's crew
Key Issues
People pollution, Damage of public facilities

Cruise crews' welfare (Low CSR and ethics business):
low wages and long hour working time

1. Sharing Commission
Business collaboration between
local people and cruise operators

2. Determine the realistic carrying capacity

Limit the number of tourists in every tourist attraction
Provides different itineraries
To avoid overcrowding
3. Educate the cruise passengers
Giving some knowledge about responsible travel to the cruise passengers on board and create awareness
4.Waste water treatment
Install Advanced Waste water Treatment System (AWTS) in every cruise ship
5. Bonus salary & Longer Break during midnight
Bonus salary for the workers that get positive feedback from cruise passengers
More break time during mid-night
Sharing commission
Educate cruise passengers
Waste water treatment
Bonus salary & Longer Break during mid night
How realistic is it?Are they practical enough???
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