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Management Structure for eSports Clans

A brief overview of all important components of a professional team organization in the field of competitive gaming.

Lari Syrota

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Management Structure for eSports Clans

Management Structure for eSports Clans Administration Let's take a look at everything that happens in a professional clan with a normal business model... ... and try to figure out if it's possible to create a basic organizational structure that can be applied to all clans. Lari 'D.Devil' Syrota E-Mail: lari@rjumper.com
Twitter: larisyrota Can we establish an industry standard for esports clans? Clan organizations can be partitioned into 4 departments, each of them consisting of several different positions and tasks. Each department has its own objectives and key figures – yet, they're tightly connected with each other. Basically, they add up to a clan's value added process. Please be aware that the sub-divisions are based on tasks, not on people. It's not necessary to limit everybody to working on one task only. Here's what I came up with so far: Making sure that the whole business runs smoothly and all commercial requirements are taken care of. Let's go. Key Figures:
profit and revenue
efficiency of management processes
supervising the whole clan Logistics Team Management maintaining an inventory list Business Development optimizing the work flow in all departments Organizing the players and trying to give the clan as much media presence and as many achievements as possible. organizing and structuring the entire business Human Ressources sending hardware and other equipment to players Business Administration planning payments to ensure continual liquidity filing taxes and preparing the annual financial statements taking responsibility for legal and administrational issues performing Managing Director duties Finances calling attention to stock shortages calculating the profitability of investments analyzing revenues and expenses doing accounting Turning the initial attention generated by the teams and players into exposure for your brand and your sponsors. Communications Marketing Making money – mainly by convincing companies to pay for your clan's reach, popularity and success. Marketing Website Informing people about what's going on inside the clan using a self-owned online platform. The administration of a clan is just the same kind of work as in any other business. images courtesy of readmore.de liquidity long-term development Tasks: The team management is the equivalent to procurement and quality management in other businesses. league rankings
media exposure Coaching Travel Management Team Management Scouting prominence and popularity of players
rjumper.com This is where the actual creation of value takes place, it's the production counterpart. brand impressions
popularity, amount of fans Website Development Brand Management website statistics reach, composition of the audience
Public Relations Community Management Website Content Multimedia Content There is one communications channel that is so substantial that it's sometimes considered to be its own department... Sometimes, the website does not only serve as a communications channel, but also features a broad variety of content aimed at attracting visitors without having a relation to the clan itself.

In this case, you should consider the people and tasks related to your website to partially belong to the Team Management department: If you invest in good content and interesting features, people will take notice of you and come back regardless of your teams' performances. total amount of sales
percentage of overall sponsoring slots and advertising space sold You pitch your product to the demanders. That's obviously comparable to a company's marketing department. We are going to create helpful content on all of the tasks mentioned here when The Rocketjumper goes online.

Feedback of any kind is appreciated. Thank you. Connection: player branding, match statements, ... Connection: reportings, sponsor presentations, ... Connection with Team Management: marketing influence on scouting decisions, ... Key Figures:
Tasks: Key Figures:
Tasks: Key Figures:
Tasks: creating and evaluating new concepts doing market research and monitoring the industry deciding the future priorities and long-term goals of the clan searching for qualified new employees and volunteers organizing and motivating employees and volunteers collecting personal data and contact information keeping track of salary payments setting up and maintaining software platforms for collaboration/communication managing web servers and game servers IT tournament placements and achievements looking after league and tournament schedules deciding what competitions to participate in searching for practise opponents and organizing bootcamps taking care of player contracts motivating the players and improving mental strength staying with the players at events analyzing all players' performances and the team atmosphere establishing a clan environment that promotes talent opening negotiations with potential additions analyzing the current state and the future potential of markets (games, countries, ...) searching for talented players and up-and-coming teams finding the best means of travel for any situation organizing and booking trips for players, employees and volunteers making sure that all the players' needs are taken care of at events defining and adjusting the corporate identity monitoring the public perception of the clan and its players making sure that everything is compliant with the corporate identity staying in touch with both the specialized and the mainstream press defining guidelines for social media and monitoring all relevant accounts maintaining a mailing list writing press releases teaching players and employees how to handle media inqueries staying in touch with the fans organizing projects and offering incentives to increase fan loyalty designing the graphical elements of the website programming the website and contineously updating it with new features analyzing the way people use the website and adjusting it accordingly writing news items, articles and taking interviews organizing a contineous flow of content maintaining a database of multimedia content for later use taking photos and videos at events and other public appearances conversion rate,
invested time per sale sponsor satisfaction, duration of sponsor relationships Account Management Sales E-Commerce developing a strategy to earn as much revenue as possible defining the components and the prices of all sales offers staying in touch with relevant companies presenting your available offers to potential partners sending out monthly reportings and supplying the partners with relevant key figures working on special projects and campaigns to further promote the partners keeping the current sponsors and advertising partners up-to-date Event Organization supporting the partners at events/booths with presence of the clan coming up with esports-related concepts for the clan's partners to attract many visitors taking care of the IT at events/booths co-organized by the clan possibly storing and shipping products for the clan's online shop coming up with branding advice for teams and players making strategic decisions buying necessary products such as clan jerseys setting up a technical platform in cooperation with the website development staff calculating the optimal pricing deciding on a profitable portfolio of merchandise and products for sale developing and running the clan's online shop All this wouldn't have been possible without the great spadework of ECODIA. increasing the amount of fans and active website users providing ingame advice and information about opponents Additional advice for our German readers:
Es kommt im Marketing vor allem aufs Verdrauen an. Ohne Verdrauen geht nichts. maximizing the total sales value negotiating with companies that stated interest in a cooperation keeping the static content of the website up to date
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