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The Sydney Hailstorm 1999

No description

Olivia Keighran

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of The Sydney Hailstorm 1999

The Sydney Hailstorm 1999
What was it?
What caused it?
Where did it happen?
It happened in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney and the Sydney CBD
When did it happen?
It happened on the 14th of April 1999 between 4:25pm and 10:00pm.
How did it damage the landscape?
How did it affect people in this area?
What were some challenges that the emergency services and volunteers faced?
How long did it take to clean up and rebuild the affected area?
Interesting Facts:
More Interesting Facts:
It is not known what caused the hailstorm but...
- On the morning before the storm conditions were cool and calm.
- Later on that day there was a slight instability in atmosphere conditions.
- A cold front moved across the north coast.
- Moderate precipitation fell over the Blue Mountains.
- All of this was classed as minor, then the storm came.
- There was no way of stopping the storm
- The weather was so unusual that weather officials didn't even know what lay ahead of them.
-There was a lot of wreckage from people's houses and vehicles everywhere.
-1 person dead from lightning storm within hailstorm.
-Approximately 50 people injured from the storm.
-It cost Sydney lots of money that could have been used for other things
-People lost their houses
-People lost their cars, their way of getting around
-People got hurt (injured)
-Precious furniture, money and jewellery were stolen by thiefs while houses were open and unsupervised.
-Is Australia's most costly natural disaster ever.
-The hailstones fell at such fast pace that they damaged everything in reach.
-The hailstorm formed north of Nowra (South Coast region, near Berry and Kiama).
-Ended east of Gosford (Central Coast region, near Terrigal and Woy Woy).
-Went from Nowra and moved straight up north hitting Sydney's CBD and Eastern Suburbs regions and continuing north, finally reaching Gosford.
-Around 2.3 billion dollars lost in total
-Most of it was used for insurance claims
-The largest recorded hailstone was 9x8x8cm.
-In the space of 45 minutes there was more than 500,000 tonnes of hailstones
-There was lightning within the hailstorm
-There was hailstones the size of cricket balls!!
Eyewitness Account:
The Size of the Hail!
-The Sydney Hailstorm happened in 1999 in Sydney CBD and the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney
-Enormous chunks of hail fell from the sky at a fast pace damaging everything and anything that it hit.
-Around 60,000 vehicles were damaged
-Approximately 24,000 houses were affected/damaged
-Google Images
-Google Search
-BOM (Bureau of Meteorology)
-Australian Geographic

A satellite view of peoples houses with tarpaulins on the roofs, in Kensington (Eastern Suburbs, Sydney)
Having to go to a lot of places and help a lot of people in such a short amount of time
Fixing water issues
Saving people
Putting tarpaulin on roofs of houses properly, but also in a rush
A long time because there were lots of houses and business' that suffered water damage due to cracked roofs. Lots of properties got flooded.
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