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Club Paperwork Training

No description

Micaela Smith

on 14 October 2016

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Transcript of Club Paperwork Training

Club Paperwork Training
General Updates/Overview
Paperwork Planning Checklist
Specialized Paperwork
Meals and Light Refreshments (MLR) Forms
End of Fiscal Year Deadlines

The last day to check out college credit cards will be
May 29, 2015.

Invoice Payment Vouchers:
May 29, 2015.

Petty cash reimbursement paperwork:
June, 2, 2015.

Travel Expense Vouchers:
June 8, 2015.
Pre-Approval Purchasing Forms
Presented by the Student Leadership Center

Keep track of forms and due dates.

Editable Word document-customize for your own needs.

Online version links directly to forms/form list.

Available on SLC website with "cheat sheets"/examples of filled out forms.

MLR Form (shown)

Pre-Approval Purchasing Form

Credit Card Purchase Authorization

Event Agenda

Lancer's Request

Itemized list of food and costs (off-campus)

List of students and staff
Forms Due Before Event:
Planning checklist and examples.

Pre-approval forms required for all purchases.

Due dates listed are hard deadlines.

Sign-in sheets can only include last 4 digits of SID numbers.

Club advisors must be listed as the contact/requestor for all paperwork.

Only club advisors can check out and use college credit cards.
Contact the SLC as early as possible for help planning activities that need specialized paperwork.

Travel (Daytime and Overnight)

Fundraisers (for club or non-profit)

Independent Contractor Paperwork

Evening events (sworn officer request)

Needs to be turned in 2 weeks prior to any purchase.

Remember to attach club minutes OR SS&A proposal.

Use planning checklist and consult with SLC to stay on track with other deadlines.

Updates on SBA Website

Word version of checklist will be available.

Cheat sheets will be added with examples for how to complete forms.

Important forms now available directly through our website.

Invoice Payment Vouchers (IVP's)

Required for all Lancers purchases and for reimbursements for more than $50.

Reimbursements: attach all original receipts. Bank statement needed if receipt doesn't include last 4 digits of card number.

End of year deadline:
May 29, 2015
Invoice Payment Voucher (if using Lancers or reimbursement is needed)

Lancer's Request ("complete")

Receipts from off-campus purchases.

Event sign-in sheet (for events with less than 50 people)
Forms Due After Event:
MLR Forms (Continued)
(Sign-In Sheet Example)
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