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Semi-colon Rules

No description

Angelina Valvona

on 29 December 2016

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Transcript of Semi-colon Rules

Semi-colon Rules
Rule #2 (No Coordinating Conjunction)
Use a
semicolon in place of a period
separate two sentences
where the
conjunction has been left out

Call me tomorrow; I will give you my answer then.

Rule #4 (Introductory word)
It is preferable to use a semicolon (instead of a comma) before introductory words
such as
that is
for example
, or
for instance
when they introduce a complete sentence.
Then use a comma after the introductory word.

You will want to bring many backpacking items; for example, sleeping bags, pans, and warm clothing will make the trip better.
As we discussed, you will bring two items; for instance, a sleeping bag and a tent are not optional.
I have paid my dues; therefore, I expect all the privileges listed in the contract.

Rule #3 (Series)
Use the semicolon to separate

of a series when one or more of the units contain commas.

This conference has people who have come from Boise, Idaho; Los Angeles, California; and Nashville, Tennessee.

Rule #1 (Comma before Coordinating Conjunction)
Use the
semicolon between two sentences joined by a coordinating conjunction
one or more commas appear in the first sentence

When I finish here, I will be glad to help you; and that is a promise I will keep.
If she can, she will attempt that feat; and if her husband is able, he will be there to see her.
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