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Ripper Street

No description

Dan Powe

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Ripper Street

Detective Inspector Edmund Reid - Hero - Lead Character
Detective Sergeant Bennet Drake - Donor - Sidekick
Captain Homer Jackson - Donor - Sidekick
Hobbs - Sidekick
Artherton - Sidekick
Long Susan - Sidekick
A Prezi
Ripper Street
The End!
The first episode of Ripper Street drew in a massive 9.3 million viewers on it's first showing.

Ripper Street is broadcast at 9:00 PM on BBC. It is broadcast at this time because of the age-specific content shown in the the programme.
Broadcasting & Viewers
Ripper Street is a TV crime drama set in the East End of London in 1889 during the aftermath of the Jack The Ripper murders.

The Hero and his Donors try and solve "Jack The Ripper style" murders. The main character is represented as heroic and plays a vital role in making the show a dark, twisted tale.
The Programme
Ripper Street is set in Victorian London, six months after the Jack The Ripper murders. In the first episode, Ripper Street opens with a scene of a murder at night. I think this setting sets the tone for the episode or even series. Showing a murder at night connotates that the episode will be dark (emotionally). This is important to first time viewers because it captivates them and lets the viewer know if they want to continue to watch the show or not.
The Setting
Thank you for watching! :D
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