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Employee Involvement & Exemplary Organisation

No description

Sonal Dupare

on 24 November 2014

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Transcript of Employee Involvement & Exemplary Organisation

Employee Involvement & Exemplary Organisation
Presented by-
Sivashankar S - 1402173
Somashekhar Yamanuri -1402174
Sonal Dupare -1402175
Soumadeep Ghosal -1402176

Employee Involvement
“Involving employees through teams in meaningful work and by providing proper reward & recognition”
Approach to improve quality & productivity with employee satisfaction
Means to meet the organization’s goal at all levels
Motivation helps to understand utilization of employee involvement
Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs
Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory
MOTIVATORS - recognition, responsibility and achievement
HYGIENE- low salary, poor working conditions,, ill defined organisation policies etc
Results in good job performance of the individual

Motivated work force
Know thyself – motivators, strengths, weaknesses eg. Cumins India
Know your employees
Establish a positive attitude
Share the goals
Monitor progress
Develop interesting work by:
- Job rotation: switching jobs within a period of time
- Job enlargement: employee performing no. of jobs sequentially
- Job enrichment: expanding content of individual’s job
Communicate effectively
Celebrate success

Employee survey
To assess the current state of employee relations, identify improvements
Multifunctional team created, to encourage root cause analysis, corrective action
Personality characteristics, Management style, Job attitudes,
Work also to be addressed in survey
Administer the survey
Results are complied & analysed
Areas for improvement are determined
Individual is held responsible for accomplishing a whole task
To improve process & satisfy customer requirements
Focuses on expanding context of the job eg. interactions to other functions in organization
Everyone must understand need for change
System needs to change to new paradigm
Organisation must enable its employees- providing information, education & skill
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